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Suboxone Rehab

Suboxone rehab can refer to a rehabilitation program that is designed to help addicts get off Suboxone when they have a Suboxone addiction.  When you hear about a Suboxone addiction, you may be confused because Suboxone is typically used to help get addicts off other opioids like heroin, fentanyl, and Oxycontin. So why would anybody need to go to inpatient rehab for Suboxone addiction treatment? While a Suboxone rehab program can help get opioid addicts get off and stop using other opioid drugs, the reality is that Suboxone is a Band-Aid on a much bigger problem – the disease of addiction.

Why Isn’t Suboxone a Solution for Drug Addiction?

Suboxone is not a long-term solution to drug addiction because the body is still dependent on an opioid. Though Suboxone can result in dependency, Suboxone can be helpful in getting addicts to wean off other opioids during the initial detoxification phase of treatment. In fact, Suboxone, as well as Subutex and methadone, are often used for this purpose at medical detox facilities and drug rehab centers. It allows for addicts to taper off heroin and other opiates while being monitored by addiction professionals.

Suboxone Brand Names

Suboxone is mainly composed of buprenorphine and naloxone, but there are many different brand names for medications with the same or similar ingredients as Suboxone, some of which include:

  • •Subutex
  • •Butrans
  • •Belbuca
  • •Sublocade
  • •Zubsolv
  • •Bunavail
  • •Cassipa
  • •Suboxone sublingual film

Doesn’t Suboxone Help Addicts?

The truth is that Suboxone is a drug to help people, just like you, through opioid withdrawal. However, it needs to be understood that Suboxone can be addictive itself and the risk for Suboxone addiction is high, which is why it shouldn’t be taken long-term. Suboxone addiction affects many people, and the reality is that they often turn to Suboxone as a way to “end” their drug addiction – not start another one!

However, when an individual takes a drug like Suboxone, their mind and body can become accustomed to it. As a result, they will need to continue taking it or they will go through withdrawal. This is why it is critical that addiction professionals monitor and adjust the dosage appropriately when it is being used to taper an addict off opioids.

The taper should be gradual enough so that the addict does not experience as intense withdrawals as they would if they were to stop using opioids “cold-turkey.” Stopping opioid use suddenly can be dangerous due to the effects that can occur as a result of suddenly discontinuing the use of them. At a medical detox and inpatient Suboxone rehab, a team of medical professionals can carefully asses the needs of each individual and put them on the appropriate initial dose to wean them off the opioids.

Some outpatient Suboxone maintenance programs can leave addicts dependent on Suboxone for years. Some addicts may take their Suboxone dose as prescribed but remain dependent on it long-term while others struggle to follow the correct dose and end up abusing the drug that was meant to help them.

Am I Really Addicted to Suboxone?

If you find yourself questioning your Suboxone maintenance program or wanting to get off Suboxone entirely but are unable to stop using it because of a physical and psychological dependency, then it’s time to consider a medical detoxification and inpatient drug rehab program at a reputable treatment facility, like The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida and Texas.

“But I’m on Suboxone! I don’t use drugs anymore,” you may be thinking. But do you find yourself unable to partake in activities because your schedule revolves around your next dose of Suboxone? Or do you find yourself wanting to get off all substances, including Suboxone, but are unable to imagine a life without it? While medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has its place, you may want to experience the bliss of a truly clean and sober lifestyle, which you can begin as soon as you receive treatment at a suboxone detox and inpatient rehab center.

What Is Suboxone Rehab & Addiction Treatment?

A Suboxone rehab program can act as an opioid addiction replacement therapy. This means that Suboxone can be given to heroin addicts, opiate addicts, and prescription pill addicts, so that they don’t have to continue taking these other substances in order to avoid withdrawal. The unfortunate reality, however, is that Suboxone has to be continually taken, and eventually, you’ll want to come off it and have to go through a medical detox anyways.

It is important to realize that addiction does not only affect the addict in a physical sense, but also in an emotional and spiritual sense. Suboxone does little to nothing to address the emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction. A drug rehab with effective addiction treatment programs will provide treatment to all areas that are affected by the disease of addiction. Without the emotional and spiritual aspects addressed, you won’t be treating the root cause of your addiction.

Understanding Suboxone and Drug Addiction

Drug addiction involves more than just a physical and psychological dependence on a drug; it involves your thinking and behavioral patterns. Switching from your drug of choice to Suboxone won’t target the real issue, but rather act as a temporary solution instead. This can ultimately place you at a higher risk of relapsing into your old opiate habits or you may end up with a Suboxone addiction.

At The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, you can finally detox off Suboxone once and for all so that you can live a truly clean, sober life without the crutch of any substance. Even if you haven’t placed yourself on Suboxone yet but are still struggling with an opioid addiction, The Watershed can help. At The Watershed, you will be medically detoxed off all substances and then receive critical treatment for underlying issues.

The Watershed helps to address the underlying causes of the condition by assigning each patient to receive care from a team of medical professionals and therapists. At The Watershed, each patient has a treatment plan that is designed specifically for them. As a result, every patient that receives help from The Watershed gets the individualized care that targets the core issues that the addiction manifested from.

For more information about the addiction treatment programs offered at The Watershed, click here.

The Reason For Suboxone Treatment at Rehab

While Suboxone can help some people get off other opioids, it is not considered a long-term treatment option because it only addresses the physical nature of addiction and you are still left on an opioid. Suboxone can even become an addiction, and like any other addiction, it can require treatment. A treatment that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect of addiction is most successful because it targets the areas that need attention.

An inpatient rehabilitation program at an addiction treatment center can provide all you need to recover from your Suboxone addiction. A drug rehab center will not provide a temporary solution to a very large problem, like Suboxone tends to do. There are many root causes of addiction, some of which may stem from relationship problems, marital issues, abandonment, loss of a loved one, etc. Without these issues being addressed and treated through unique therapeutic approaches, they will remain unresolved and you may end up trying to cope with them in other ineffective ways.

At The Watershed, we understand the importance of healing your mind, body, and spirit. This is why we offer a variety of therapies, including individual counseling and group therapy, to address these different issues. You will be able to attend additional meetings such as 12 Step Programs, relapse prevention, etc. All this and more can be yours once you call The Watershed at 1-888-319-2307.

Effective Treatment for Addiction

One thing you may not realize when you are on a Suboxone maintenance program is that your Suboxone can show you just how powerful addiction really is. Do you find yourself counting down to your next dose? Is it hard to imagine a life without taking Suboxone? Do you lie or manipulate others to take more than your recommended dose of Suboxone? Do you think it’s difficult to go through a day without your Suboxone? These questions can help you see just how much your Suboxone rehab program is affecting your quality of life, much like an addiction to heroin or other opioids. It may even make you realize that you have a Suboxone addiction.

Effective treatment does not focus only on your addiction, but also on the underlying causes of your addiction and how it has affected your life. Healing begins when you are able to see yourself clearly, accept what you see, and then learn to fix those things that need fixing. Treatment for Suboxone addiction, opioid addiction, heroin addiction, or any drug addiction can teach you to be patient because the reality is that recovery does not happen overnight.

If you are struggling with a Suboxone addiction or having problems with your Suboxone rehab program, then it’s time to consider living a completely clean and sober life! This can begin with receiving help at a leading addiction treatment center like The Watershed. From there, you can continue on with our patient programs and effective aftercare.

Above all, it’s important to be open and honest with yourself, even if that means giving up Suboxone maintenance. It may be what you think is best at the time, but the reality is that your heart may desire so much more in a clean and sober life.

Suboxone Addiction Treatment Is the Start

Before you started with a Suboxone rehab program, you were not really living your life; drugs were in control. Everything you did was focused on either obtaining or using your drug. However, as you started on your Suboxone maintenance and stopped using other opioids, you may have started to realize that there are options for combating addiction. Getting off other opioids with Suboxone may have just been what you needed to realize that you want even more – to be completely clean and sober from all substances.

If you do have a Suboxone addiction, don’t beat yourself up. You can recover, and realizing that you want to make the change to live a completely sober life is a great step! Don’t let your Suboxone addiction continue to control your life; reach out for the help you desire today.

After all, maybe you needed to try the Suboxone maintenance program to realize that you can live a life without other opioids and you CAN live a life without Suboxone too. Getting treatment for a Suboxone addiction can be wonderful because it opens the doors to a completely new way of life in sobriety.

It is up to you to grab the chance for a new beginning. You have to be willing in body and mind to work towards your sobriety or you will never reach it. Please, for the sake of your life and those around you, accept the treatment for Suboxone addiction today. The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs is here to help you every step of the way. Call The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768.