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Buprenorphine Rehab

Buprenorphine rehab can mean one of two things. First, you are going through opiate withdrawal and you are using Buprenorphine derived drugs to help you. Second, you are actually addicted to Buprenorphine and need help recovering from your addiction.

Either way, you require a Buprenorphine rehab because you need help with an addiction. Whether it’s helping you get off other opioids like heroin and morphine or it is to detox you off Buprenorphine itself, a Buprenorphine rehab can be necessary.

A Buprenorphine treatment center must treat both the physical and mental side for you to achieve lasting sobriety, which is why a traditional drug rehab with a medical detox can more effective than a Buprenorphine assisted treatment.

The reality is that Buprenorphine is still a drug, and eventually, you will have to detox off it anyway, so going to a medical detox and inpatient rehab to come off every substance is the best action to take if you truly want to live a clean and sober life. However, you must first be willing to enroll in a rehab center if you want recovery.

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Do I Really Have to Go to Rehab to Come Off Buprenorphine?

The truth of that matter, again, is that Buprenorphine is a drug. While Buprenorphine has its place in helping addicts wean off other opioids like heroin, it is not meant as a long-term treatment option. Coming off Buprenorphine will result in withdrawals just like any opioid would.

This is why you will require a Buprenorphine rehab, even if you were taking Buprenorphine as part of a treatment plan to get off heroin or other opioids. Living without the need for any substance provides such a freedom, and following a Buprenorphine treatment plan may be effective for you in the short-term, but eventually, you are going to want to live that life without any substance needed.

The Watershed is one of the leading Buprenorphine rehab centers in Florida. At The Watershed, you will be able to detox off all substances, including Buprenorphine. We are one of the leading rehabilitation centers because we understand your addiction in every aspect.

We treat addiction by making sure that every affected aspect is addressed, including the physical and emotional aspects. We offer a variety of treatments compiled in a highly individualized treatment plan so that you may have the best chance at recovery.

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What About Buprenex or Subutex?

Buprenorphine can also refer to brand names or Buprenorphine derived drugs known as Subutex and Buprenex. These are taken as part of a Medication Assisted Treatment plan but, again, the reality is that eventually, you will want to stop taking these and if you don’t have the toolset you need to combat your addiction when you stop taking them, then you may become susceptible to relapse back on the same opioids you were taking Subutex or Buprenex to come off of.

A Buprenorphine rehab program may also be called Subutex therapy, Buprenorphine treatment, or Buprenex assisted treatment. The mission of each of these treatment plans is the same in that you are placed on these substances in order to stop feeling the physical withdrawals of opioids like heroin or morphine.

Each of these Buprenorphine rehab programs attempts to address the physical component of addiction but fails in providing treatment for the emotional and spiritual aspect. The reality is that addiction is a threefold disease that impacts an addict’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state, so treatment should really target the restoration of each of these impacted areas.

We, The Watershed, believe that you will be better equipped to combat addiction long-term if you receive treatment that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of addiction. There is a way to live a sober and clean life, but you have to take the first step and ask for help. Call The Watershed at1-800-861-1768.

Is Suboxone Different than Buprenorphine?

One last, better-known drug, which is often mixed up with Buprenorphine treatment, is suboxone. It is more popular than Subutex because it contains a drug, besides the Buprenorphine, that will counteract any other opiates besides what is in the Subutex.

This additional drug is called naloxone and it acts as a type of opioid blocker. This form of Buprenorphine rehab is less likely to be addictive to you because of the other active drug in the suboxone (the naloxone). However, just as in any form of rehab, this form of Buprenorphine rehab only addresses your physical addiction to opiates and, just as with Subutex, your detox may happen gradually.

Only addressing the physical side of your addiction means that the Buprenorphine treatment program you are going through, or at least the part of the rehab that uses the drugs mentioned above, is only treating part of your addiction, not all of it. Your addiction has many other parts that need to be addressed if you are going to reach sobriety.

At The Watershed, we will address every part of your addiction, including any mental illnesses you may have. Moreover, we offer programs to promote your overall well-being.

Recover from Opioid Addiction Today

On a purely physical note, taking Buprenorphine may help you stop using heroin, morphine, or other opioids, but the reality is that Buprenorphine is still a drug that you will need to take in order to not get sick from withdrawal. Buprenorphine is a partial opiate that eliminates what you would normally feel coming off of your opiates, but the best way to combat addiction is to receive treatment that targets the root, underlying causes of it while addressing the physical components.

Your addiction does not have control your life forever, and it shouldn’t. You can receive addiction treatment at a reputable drug rehab center, like The Watershed. This will help you get off all substances, including Buprenorphine.

At The Watershed, you will be able to develop and enhance tools that can help you beat drug cravings, triggers, and stress. There are effective addiction treatment options that can help you live a healthy, clean, and sober life, so contact The Watershed for help today.

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