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Oxycodone Treatment

If you have an Oxycodone addiction, you will need Oxycodone treatment. This is a simple fact that is hard for many addicts, just like you, to grasp. This is true because, unless you were using someone else’s Oxycodone, you may not have realized you had an addiction when it first became an addiction. This is what can be intimidating and potentially life threatening about narcotic pain pills. They are almost like silent killers. Even if you are taking the Oxycodone as prescribed, you can build a tolerance to it, which leads to you taking more, and this leads to an addiction. The moment you realize that you have become addicted, you need to seek Oxycodone treatment. This is the only way you will ever overcome your addiction.

The best Oxycodone treatment can be found at The Watershed because we understand the complexity of narcotic painkiller addictions and we present your treatment options in such a way that you are as comfortable as possible. All you need do is call The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768. to begin your path to recovery.

Addiction Develops Before Oxycodone Treatment

While this may seem like the most obvious statement, your addiction developed before you Oxycodone treatment. It is important for you to admit to and realize this so that you can have a successful treatment. Realizing and then admitting that you have an addiction is a difficult thing to do, but it is an essential step in your accepting Oxycodone treatment. To realize that you do have an addiction to this narcotic pain killer, you must consider how Oxycodone affects you.

Oxycodone is a commonly prescribed (opiate derived) narcotic pain killer, commonly used for long term relief of pain. Its side effects are commonly compared to that of heroin and morphine. If taken long term, it has a high potential of being addictive because you can build a tolerance to it, which means that eventually, you will need higher doses for it to work. If you find yourself needing higher doses or more of the Oxycodone to achieve relief from your pain, chances are, you are already addicted. This means you will need Oxycodone treatment because this narcotic has changed your brain so much that it is nearly impossible for you to quit using it on your own. If you or a loved one needs Oxycodone treatment, please do not hesitate to call The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768.

Treatment For Oxycodone Abuse

Aside from legally obtaining Oxycodone and becoming addicted through prolonged use, there are other ways to abuse Oxycodone. Many people either purchase this drug from other users or go to many different doctors in order to obtain a lot of prescriptions. Many times, when individuals cannot get a hold of other opiates such as morphine or heroin, they will use Oxycodone as a substitute until their normal drug is available. This is a way not to feel withdrawal and this is known as Oxycodone abuse. Oxycodone treatment for this type of addiction should be well planned because it would be unwise to use any type of opiate derived drug to ease the pain of detox or there is a risk of transferring your addiction. Moreover, as Oxycodone does change your brain, you will need a lot of therapy and counseling to regain a normal life.

The Watershed can offer you the Oxycodone treatment perfect for your addiction, because we will work with you to create an individualized plan of action. Your treatments can consist of things such as relapse prevention, journaling group, intensive family therapy, dual diagnosis, post traumatic stress disorder counseling, and so much more. We want to give you the best chance possible to reach sobriety in the way that you need to.

Oxycodone Rehabilitation Starts With Detox

As you may have realized, your Oxycodone treatment and rehabilitation begins with detox or going through a controlled withdrawal. This is your body’s chance to physically rid itself of all Oxycodone toxins. Going into this uninformed can make your detox more stressful then it needs to be, which means it is wise to consider some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience. Because your brain has adjusted to the drug being in your system so that you can function, it will take some adjustment not having it there anymore because this has become the “norm.” Some of the symptoms you will experience during this part of your Oxycodone treatment may be headaches, nausea, cramps, and trembling. It is during this time that you are trying to show your body that you do not need Oxycodone to function. It is important for you to know that even if you detoxify your body, you are not yet sober. It will take healing your mind as well.

Oxycodone Treatment Can Lead To Sobriety

There is no doubt that you will face a difficult path as you proceed through your Oxycodone treatment. This will probably be one of the most physical and emotionally trying times in your life as you convince your body and mind you do not need the narcotic to live. However, through these stresses comes the hope of healing. Oxycodone treatment can lead to sobriety if you allow it. It is up to you to allow it because not even the private treatment center, The Watershed, can offer you a successful Oxycodone treatment if you are not willing to work hard and apply the tools being offered to your life.

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