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Alcohol & Drug Intervention

Any addiction, whether it is to drugs or alcohol, can have deadly consequences and in some lives, the help from an alcohol and drug intervention is the only way to help you realize this simple fact. The truth about alcoholism and drug addiction is that it will cloud your judgment and not allow you to see the reality of how the addiction is really affecting you. An alcohol and drug intervention, believe it or not, is not your loved ones ganging up against you to hurt you; it’s the only way that they can get you to see how much your addiction is harming you and everyone around you.

The purpose of an alcohol and drug intervention is to help you realize there is a problem and start the recovery process. It can push you to be willing and accept help so that you can get sober. The comfortable addiction treatment center at The Watershed, located in beautiful Florida, can be just the private rehab center to help you. We offer you and your loved ones the help needed to pose successful drug and alcohol interventions.

Following help from an interventionist, we, the staff of The Watershed, will provide you with a treatment center with treatment plans structured around your specific addiction needs. If you are willing to accept the help we are offering you, following help from your addiction intervention, you can recover in complete privacy with us.

To get help with an alcohol and drug intervention or to start the process of recovery, all you or a loved one needs to do is call The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768.

Coping With an Alcohol & Drug Intervention

It is crucial for you to know that alcohol and drug interventions are not easy, not for you or your family. In fact, as difficult as it may be for you to ask for help during an intervention, it is probably, if not always, just as difficult for your loved ones to plan it. They have to face the difficult decision to stop allowing you to hurt yourself and face the risk that you may pull away even further because of it. Coping before, during, and after an alcohol and drug intervention can be difficult.

Before your addiction intervention, you were probably withdrawn and did not care about those around you. During the alcohol and drug intervention, you were probably at the height of your addiction and did not understand the love behind the action. After the intervention, you are facing the long, hard struggle that comes with reaching sobriety. Coping with any drug and alcohol intervention requires the help of a qualified treatment center.

A treatment center such as ours, The Watershed, understands the difficult situation you and your loved ones are in. This very understanding allows us to provide you with one of the most comfortable addiction treatment centers in Florida. Being private means that you can get the individual attention you need during this trying time in your life.

Call The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768 to receive the attention you deserve.

What Is The Purpose Of an Intervention?

As you may or may not realize by now, alcohol and drug interventions are usually a last resort because nothing else is getting through to you about your addiction. With that said, you may be wondering what happens during an intervention or what goes into making an intervention, even if you have already been through one. Generally, interventions, as stated above, are the only option after your loved ones have tried everything they know to get you to seek help. At this point in time, they are starting the first step of an intervention by not helping or making excuses for you any longer. This step, just so you will understand, is part of the process of getting you to realize the harmful reality of your addiction.

As your family stops “rewarding” your addiction, you are more able to see, or at least think about how you are feeding your addiction. Following the change in behaviors, your loved ones are probably speaking with an interventionist to set up a meeting time to clearly express their concerns over your addiction. This is the alcohol and drug intervention you need, and it is the time you will hear the consequences of your addiction if you choose not to accept help. Knowing the reasons behind an intervention can help you to accept it and achieve sobriety.

The Consequences of an Intervention Are Not Punishments

Probably one of the hardest things you will deal with, aside from the fact that your family planned the intervention, is that they had two options for you at the end of your intervention; you would either accept treatment or face the consequences. As an addict or even just as an individual, being given such an ultimatum can be difficult to grasp and, at the moment, you may not understand why your family has no other option but to give you those two choices. What you cannot see and what your loved ones see clearly is that your addiction is slowly killing you and your relationships with everyone in your life. This is why it is crucial that they have consequences ready if you do not accept help. This is the only way you will finally see the harmful effects of your addiction and the consequences are a form of protection for your loved ones from those effects. Without the consequences, if you were not willing to accept help, nothing would change. You would continue on your path of self-destruction while hurting your loved ones. The purpose of the consequences, just as the purpose of an addiction intervention is, is to let you know it’s not alright to nurture your addiction.

Following an Alcohol and Drug Intervention

If your intervention is successful, you will be enrolled in an addiction rehabilitation center. One of the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers that can be found is ours, The Watershed. We are the best because we only offer the best and we are there to help you from the beginning of your intervention until you leave our center sober.

Located on 2 acres of private Florida property, you will be offered the amenities and programs you need to reach long-term sobriety. We, The Watershed, will offer you an individualized treatment plan that offers programs to treat your mind, body, and soul, all of which are affected by your addiction. To experience the comfortable, almost painless recovery process, following your alcohol and drug intervention, you just have to make one phone call; so, please, call us, The Watershed, at 1-800-861-1768.

For additional information on the private addiction interventionist programs at The Watershed, please visit our main addiction Intervention page. For immediate assistance call The Watershed anytime at 1-800-861-1768.


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