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Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Is it time for you to look into inpatient drug rehabilitation centers? If you have a problem with drugs, has it gotten out of control?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a condition that impacts millions of people, both directly and indirectly.

After all, addiction does affect more than just the addict alone. It impacts their family, friends, and those who care the most about them as well.

In fact, it is estimated that 208 million people throughout the world abuse drugs, according to Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

The truth is that you can’t and won’t beat an addiction with willpower alone. You have a disease and like any other medical problem, you need treatment to recover.

But unfortunately, not every addict and alcoholic receives the treatment they need to combat their addiction.

During 2014, approximately 22.5 million people at age 12 or older were in need of treatment for drug addiction and/or alcoholism – but only 4.2 million individuals received treatment that year, as mentioned on the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

inpatient drug rehab center

However, you or your loved one can make the decision to seek help at an inpatient drug rehabilitation center and begin the process of recovery today.

But what do inpatient drug rehabs offer that can actually help you combat addiction?

Inpatient drug rehabilitation centers offer a wide range of programs and services, including medical detoxification and inpatient treatment that focus on individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and dual diagnosis treatment when necessary.

The medical detoxification phase of inpatient drug rehab is essential because you can’t really work on the true underlying causes of the condition until you are completely off the substances and no longer physically dependent on them.

You will be under medical supervision during this time and weaned off the substances you abused as the medical staff sees fit.

Once this phase of treatment is complete, you will move on to focus on the root cause of the drug abuse and addiction with the help of a therapist, psychiatrist, and behavioral health counselors.

According to research stated by NIDA, most addicts who remain being treated for their substance use disorder benefit by becoming able to stop abusing substances long-term as well as reduce illegal activity and enhance their personal and professional performance as a result.

Peer group sessions teach each addict that their unique problems aren’t that unique. Group therapy can show addicts and alcoholics they aren’t alone and allow for one another to lean on each other for support during the early phase of recovery.

Inpatient drug rehabilitation centers offer alcoholics and drug addicts the opportunity to meet and work together with other addicts and alcoholics who have been through similar pains and will require treatment to heal from their own addiction.

Working together with other addicts is a critical piece to recovery. It can help you understand the reasons for the initial drug abuse and offer a safe environment for you to discuss it. With a counselor as the facilitator, you will each get to learn what you’ll need to do to stay away from the drugs and alcohol permanently but one day at a time.

The Watershed’s inpatient drug rehabilitation centers give you the resources you need to defeat alcohol and drug addiction. It is, however, ultimately up to you to use these tools that you learn during inpatient treatment and continue using them to stay sober long-term.

While you may not have woken up one day saying, “Today I’m going to get addicted to drugs,” you must, however, decide to seek help if you truly want to recover and stay recovered from addiction.

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In order to get the best rehabilitation treatment offered at our inpatient drug rehabilitation centers, reach out to our addiction specialists at The Watershed now.

Our team of professionals will be prepared to assist you when you need help the most. Even if you are not able to come to The Watershed in Florida or Texas, we will provide you with resources to help you get the treatment you need.

Deciding Between Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The best addiction treatment you could find would be one that helps you get sober. It’s also important to get the individualized treatment that you specifically need. After all, addiction never affects any two addicts in quite the same way.

No one else on the planet has ever experienced substance abuse quite the same way you have. You may suffer from a co-occurring condition and require dual diagnosis treatment while someone else requires a treatment that is specific to their drug use. So, doesn’t it make sense that your addiction treatment experience must be designed for you specifically?

woman deciding between inpatient drug rehabs in floridaIn the fight against addiction, you don’t need someone else’s battle maps. You need a map that belongs to you. In the end, addiction treatment can’t be effective if it fails to be shaped just for you.

Florida is full of inpatient drug rehabilitation centers. They all make big promises. Some deliver, some don’t.

If you want to achieve meaningful, lasting sobriety, you must be able to distinguish the first type from the last type.

Do your homework before you decide between inpatient drug rehabilitation centers. Learn what you need to learn so that you can make the right choice. There is no better use of your time.

During treatment, you will be focusing on addressing the root cause of your drug addiction, as well as the costs to your life and to your friends and family, so make sure you choose a treatment center that is capable of helping you do so. Take the time now to focus on the qualities and levels of care that you need in an inpatient drug rehabilitation center.

At The Watershed, we address your mental, emotional, and physical health. After all, your health has certainly been compromised by your drug addiction. The Watershed’s inpatient drug rehabilitation centers can treat the root causes of your drug addiction to help you get better both physically and mentally. Don’t delay. Your life does depend on it.

Don’t delay any longer.

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The Best Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Residential inpatient drug rehabilitation is one of the most thorough approaches to recovery imaginable. You will have access all day and all night to counseling and medical treatment. It is true that outpatient treatment can work for some people.

Addiction is serious business though, and recovering from addiction is even more critical. After all, it’s your life on the line.

You have to take recovery seriously and do what is best for you. Consider the difference between long-term and short-term programs. Long-term programs are typically the best choice for most people and they begin with inpatient rehabilitation treatment but are followed by outpatient therapy as part of an aftercare plan.

This type of step down treatment ensures that you are receiving the care you need during each and every stage of your recovery.

inpatient rehabs

At The Watershed, our inpatient drug rehabilitation centers are among the best you will find anywhere. We offer a number of comprehensive addiction treatment programs that will help you face your addiction and aid in providing you with the outcome of long-term recovery.

Recovery is very hard work and you shouldn’t pick just any facility. Choose a drug rehabilitation center that offers a safe environment and that you feel you can trust.

The Watershed, for example, offers great clinical programs to help you address and heal from your addiction while providing you with a safe, structured residence for treatment.

The Watershed will help you learn the skills and techniques you will need to stay sober not just while you are in treatment but also for when you have completed the program and are ready to return back home or integrate back into society.

We do this by offering inpatient drug rehabilitation counseling in peer and one-on-one settings, drug abuse education and also cognitive therapy.

When you go to The Watershed for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, you will be monitored by a team of medical professionals, work with a therapist, and get to speak with a psychiatrist as well.

In addition to this, there will be individual and group sessions offered as well as activities to help you learn about healthier coping mechanisms.

It won’t be easy to overcome your alcohol and drug addiction. But it is certainly not impossible.

At The Watershed, the best care and support team will surround you so that you can overcome your drug addiction and become the person you were meant to be.

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