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Heroin Detox & Heroin Addiction

A heroin detox program is an important part of trying to conquer your heroin addiction and looking for a detox program should be both an important and personal decision.

A strong compassionate person to care for you in a professional heroin detox program is what you need. At The Watershed we have the professional staff trained and ready to help you every step of the way. Our highly trained staff is able to help you to the freedom and good health you look for today. Now that you have decided to seek help you have only to pick up the phone and call 1-800-861-1768 to set your personal treatment program in motion.

Heroin Detox Programs for Heroin Addiction

The heroin detox program offered at The Watershed is well rounded. Other treatment centers may have one or two options to offer, but we approach each person’s treatment individually. By tailoring the heroin detox program to you personally we feel we can improve your success.

We have several ways to help you regain vibrant good health. You will be invited to take part in individual and group therapy sessions. You will individual sessions with The Watershed psychologists along with marriage and family therapists trained to guide you as you work in the heroin detox program. Call now at 1-800-861-1768 to start yourself on the road to good health once again.

Treatment in the Heroin Detox Program

When you arrive at The Watershed you will be quickly and gently integrated into our heroin detox program. At The Watershed our therapists specialize in many areas, such as family systems, intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches to seriously assist you in recovery. We bring many skills to you in the heroin detox program.

At The Watershed we recognize that you are part of a family group with issues outside heroin addiction. That is why in the heroin detox program our therapists are trained to help with issues of addiction and recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and mood disorders. You will be invited to attend outside 12 step meetings. Our medical doctors on staff are skilled in the treatment of all medical and psychiatric conditions.

When you decided to begin the heroin detox program at The Watershed you probably felt a mix of hope and fear.

The The Watershed staff cares deeply about you. We are certain with the addiction program we have developed you can overcome your heroin addiction. With all we have to offer, excellent healthy food, highly skilled therapists and a large range of programs. We cannot do a thing without you. You can beat heroin addiction. The first step is up to you. Your willingness to seek and accept help is the single most powerful part of the success you will achieve here at The Watershed.

For more information or help finding the right drug treatment facility for you, call the professionals at The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs at 1-800-861-1768.