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Oxycontin Treatment & Rehab Center in Florida

Oxycontin treatment centers in Florida are unavoidable if you want to overcome your addiction to oxycontin for good. An oxycontin addiction is something that you will need professional help with because addiction is a disease that does not go away on its own.

A Florida oxycontin rehab center is the only thing that can offer you the help, structure, medical guidance, and support that you desperately need to begin the recovery process. However, it’s important to realize that an oxycontin treatment center can only help you if you are first willing to help yourself. You are the one factor that can mean the difference between an effective or ineffective treatment.

The reality is that your attitude, willingness to change, and honesty during your inpatient drug treatment will be critical in helping you get and stay sober. If you don’t make the most of your treatment or fail to take your treatment seriously enough, then you are bound to continue down the same negative path and revert back to the same old ways of thinking and behaving. In other words, if nothing changes, then nothing changes – and you want to change!

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida and Texas is one of the most effective oxycontin rehab centers in the nation. Our oxycontin treatment center in Florida can be an effective way for you to combat oxycontin addiction but you have to pick up the phone today. Call The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768.

Why Can’t I Recover Without Oxycontin Rehab?

Oxycontin addiction can be treated at an oxycontin rehab center and it is best to go to an inpatient treatment center for this type of addiction because oxycontin abuse can lead to physical and psychological dependence. This means that you can’t just stop abusing and/or using the drug whenever you like. The oxycontin has developed a hold on you, and you may feel powerless to stop using it.

Do I Have to Go to an Oxycontin Treatment Center for Addiction?

Even though you may logically believe that you can’t stop using oxycontin on your own, you may find yourself wondering, “Why can’t I recover without an oxycontin rehab? Why do I have to get help at an oxycontin treatment center?” These questions are common to ask, but the truth is that if you can’t stop using any drug, like oxycontin, on your own, then it’s time to get help from professionals.

While you might be able to start the recovery process on your own by reaching out for support or going to 12 Step Fellowship meetings, you will still need to be in an oxycontin rehab center for the withdrawal period. So why not get all of the help you need at an oxycontin rehab?

Oxycontin Detox & Treatment

Oxycontin addiction can leave you physically dependent on the substance, which is why a detox will be necessary. Once the physical aspect of the oxycontin addiction is addressed, then the additional aspects can be worked on through therapeutic practices and treatments. An oxycontin treatment center should address each of these aspects, but the treatment should also target the root causes of the addiction. Without addressing the underlying problems and developing new, more effective ways of handling issues in life, it can be difficult to make a change, like sobriety, that sticks.

Oxycontin Withdrawals

Any opiate derived drug, such as oxycontin, requires a medically controlled detoxification. You cannot just stop taking this opiate derived drug because your body has become dependent on it, which means you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms when the drug is no longer in your system. Withdrawal symptoms of oxycontin can include nausea, vomiting, shakes, sweats, intense drug cravings, etc.

In order to avoid painful withdrawal symptoms and the physical trauma of withdrawing from the narcotic, you need to be slowly weaned off the substance in a safe, medical setting, such as a medical detoxification center. A reputable oxycontin rehab center will begin the first phase of treatment with a medical detoxification so that the physical aspect of the addiction is handled first. After the you are carefully weaned off all substances, then you can move on with the remainder of the inpatient addiction treatment.

At a trusted medical detox and oxycontin rehabilitation center, like The Watershed, the detoxification process can be made as comfortable as possible for the circumstance. Our medical team and addiction professionals are compassionate and knowledge, so you can always trust that you are receiving the best of care.

You can call The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768 to start your recovery. We offer a full continuum of care for the treatment of addiction, which begins with a medical detox and inpatient oxycontin rehab treatment.

Healing from Addiction at Oxycontin Rehab

Your physical addiction to oxycontin may be the most apparent part of your addiction, but it is not the only part of your addiction. In fact, if you have been abusing oxycontin, you may have turned to the substance to deal with stressful or uncomfortable situations. By using oxycontin as a way to “self medicate,” you may have developed a psychological addiction where you feel you “need” the drug in order to cope.

You do need detox because you are in no state to progress further in treatment while you are still in a drug induced state. However, your detox is only the foundation on which oxycontin rehab programs will stand on.

You need to heal from the inside and out, which is why treatment needs to address not only the physical aspect of the oxycontin addiction but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual components. The best oxycontin treatment centers will do this through individual counseling, group therapy, educational services, and individualized programs.

At The Watershed, our team of caring, compassionate professionals understands the extent of your oxycontin addiction as well as how it may have affected you. You don’t have to stay stuck in active addiction to oxycontin. There is a way out, and you can live in sobriety. Call The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768 so we can help you overcome your oxycontin addiction.

Understanding an Oxycontin Treatment & Rehab Center

You know that you need to seek help from an oxycontin treatment center in order to overcome your addiction to oxycontin. You also know that you need physical and mental treatment during your oxycontin rehab stay, all in order to achieve and learn how to maintain sobriety. Now, you need to understand how oxycontin treatment programs help.

The way most oxycontin treatment programs work is by getting you off all mind-altering substances during the detoxification phase and then beginning the remainder of treatment with a highly intensive treatment plan. As treatment goes on, the intensity level of your treatment may be reduced. For example, after inpatient oxycontin treatment is completed, you may move on to less intensive care at the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or outpatient program.

The reason for this is because you need the most intensive care when you first come into treatment. When you first begin your oxycontin treatment, you need this intensive care because you were just hooked to the drug and need to be stabilized. As your treatment goes on, you may still need a high level of care, but it is typically not as intensive  as the beginning inpatient portion.

Importance of Maintaining Sobriety After Oxycontin Treatment

In summary, it is important to remember that YOU are the one factor that makes the difference between effective and ineffective treatment. You get to ask for help with your oxycontin addiction so that you can receive the help you need at a trusted oxycontin rehab center. Your oxycontin treatment is what you make of it, so you will get all that you put into it.

Just the same, it is critical to realize that oxycontin treatment is not intended as a “quick fix” for oxycontin addiction because there is no cure for addiction. An oxycontin treatment center can help you get off all substances and learn how to maintain your sobriety, but afterward, it will be up to you to continue doing the work you need to do in order to continue living in sobriety.

Your work does not stop once you choose to accept help or complete your oxycontin rehab treatment. You will still need to reach out to sober supports, attend 12 Step meetings, and work a program of recovery. The reality is that you will still be faced with some of the same problems as before, but now it is up to you to deal with them more effectively and without the use of drugs or alcohol.

For additional information on our oxycontin rehab programs at The Watershed, please visit our main page here. For immediate assistance, call The Watershed anytime at 1-800-861-1768.

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