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Alcohol Rehab & Alcoholism Treatment in Florida

Alcohol rehab centers can help alcoholics detox off all substances and receive important alcohol treatment that will address underlying problems. After all, being addicted to alcohol is no picnic. We’ve all heard about it… that dirty little word called alcoholism. It’s such a strong and abrasive term, right?

Alcoholism is defined as “a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations” by The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).  It is also described as an “often progressive and fatal” disease.

And how can anyone really tell who suffers from the disease of alcoholism anyway? Even if you think you or a loved one might be an alcoholic, will checking into an alcohol addiction rehabilitation center actually help?

Furthermore, how do you tell who actually needs to go to an alcohol rehab center for alcoholism treatment? I mean, so what if Mom needs a few glasses of wine every night before she goes to bed. That doesn’t necessarily make her an alcoholic… does it?

I mean, sure, your buddy Bobby has made a bit of a habit out of having a few too many at the local bar down the street, but does that really make him the town drunk like everybody says he is? Does that mean it’s time for him to go to an alcohol treatment program?

How about Dad? Doesn’t a couple of shots of Irish whiskey in his morning coffee make him more of an eccentric than it does an alcoholic? Unfortunately, the sad truth about alcoholism lies just beneath the surface of all these types of behaviors.

It can be confusing to tell who is an alcoholic and who needs alcohol rehab treatment to recover from alcoholism. Learning about alcoholism as a disease and the alcohol treatment options that are available to address the condition as a whole is critical because the reality is that alcoholism can be deadly.

Sometimes the symptoms of alcohol abuse and the signs of alcohol addiction are obvious, but other times, it can be extremely difficult to tell when a loved one is struggling with alcoholism.

If you do suspect that you or a loved one is an alcoholic, it’s time to seek help at an alcohol addiction rehab where treatment can begin with an alcohol detox and inpatient alcohol treatment. It may not be something that you or your loved one want, but it is what you need to recover and learn to live in the freedom that sobriety can bring.

Needing Alcohol Rehab for Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol rehab can be an important start to recover, but who actually needs to seek help at a treatment center for alcoholism? How do we tell who is the alcoholic? How do we know who really needs alcohol treatment at an alcohol rehab? Simple: Take away the alcohol and you’ll quickly find out who’s just having “fun” and who is dealing with a larger-than-life problem, such as the disease of alcoholism.

Alcohol withdrawal occurs when someone who has been drinking regularly and/or excessively suddenly stops drinking. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), there are a number of complications that may present themselves as a result of alcohol withdrawals, including but not limited to acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome, delirium tremens, seizures, anxiety, Wrnicke-Korsakoff syndrome, cardiovascular issues, hallucinations, etc.

Effective alcohol treatment at an alcohol rehab center can help address the physical, emotional, and spiritual nature of alcoholism. The reality is that alcoholism can leave individuals physically dependent on the substance, emotionally distressed, and out of tune with their own spirituality.

By targeting all of the areas that are impacted by addiction and developing healthier coping mechanisms, recovering from alcoholism is possible and attainable for anybody.

It’s important to reach out for help if you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol abuse. Abusing alcohol can easily lead to full-blown alcoholism or alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, which is why it is imperative to seek alcohol treatment as soon as possible.

The Definition of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disease, and, simply put, alcoholism kills. Whether through liver failure or a drunken driving accident, this deadly ailment claims lives daily. It not only ruins the lives of those who suffer from it, but it also destroys the families that alcoholics belong to and are responsible for.

Because alcohol addiction is a disease, those who are afflicted cannot truly be held responsible for the havoc they wreak on their jobs, personal lives and the lives of those around them. This catastrophic malady can be the catalyst for one of life’s most heinous downward spirals. The only true way to stop this is through knowledge, understanding, and alcohol treatment at a reputable alcohol rehab center.

If you need immediate help or information on an alcohol rehab facility, call the professionals right now at The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs at 1-800-861-1768.

The Next Step In Alcohol Treatment

So what now? Well, that’s the question that millions of Americans ask themselves every single day. Too many times in our society, that question goes unanswered and the people who need help the most don’t get it.

Is it wrong to think that a problem with alcohol addiction will just blow away with tomorrow’s breeze? Is it possible that somewhere down the line things will just right themselves and go back to normal? Well, ask yourself, if you sweep dirt under the rug, does it really go away?

Alcohol rehab centers with top alcohol treatment programs offer a solution: recovery.

It can be extremely difficult to recover if you remain in denial of alcoholism or if you try to “just stop” on your own. At an alcohol rehab center, you get continual support and learn the tools you will need to utilize to not only get sober but stay sober as well.

Try as you may, you will never find a better solution to an alcohol addiction and/or abuse than alcohol rehab. It is merely stating the obvious to say that nobody wants to admit to having issues with alcohol addiction. Who would? And although stating that you have an alcohol addiction is admirable, and the first step toward an alcoholic’s recovery, it also means you may have the fight of your life ahead of you.

Deciding that you need help for alcoholism is an important step, but nothing will change if you don’t reach out for help to find an alcohol treatment center that will nurse you back to health. The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs has been dedicated to saving the lives of alcoholics and addicts for over two decades.

Drug and alcohol treatment should be catered to the individual’s needs so that each patient receives the care they specifically need, and this is exactly what The Watershed offers.

Wherever you decide to go, it’s important to remember that your alcohol treatment starts with you. It is going to take honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. You may not feel like being in an alcohol rehab center or receiving alcohol treatment, but the truth is that you need it in order to make the change that will ultimately save your life.

Understanding Alcohol Treatment

Many people have the misconception that the alcoholic would be “fixed” if they could just put the bottle down, but the truth is that alcoholism is a disease that impacts the individual on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

This is why alcohol treatment should address each of these aspects. An effective alcohol rehab treatment center will do this by helping you get off alcohol and all other mind-altering substances during the detoxification phase.

Afterward, you will typically receive individual counseling and group therapies to work on the root causes of the alcoholism.

Without addressing the true nature of the alcoholism, it can be extremely tough to make the lasting change of sobriety. Alcohol treatment will introduce you to the tools you will need to continue fighting for your recovery. Some of these tools may involve developing healthier coping mechanisms, reaching out for support, going to 12 Step Fellowship meetings, etc.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol rehabilitation has never been an easy task. Alcohol treatment will require hard work on your side. Many would liken the pressure of having an alcohol addiction to carrying the weight of the world. in other words, it can extremely difficult to cope with alcoholism without proper alcohol treatment.

Since an alcohol addiction consumes so much of the individual’s life, alcoholics usually deal with a great amount of stress from trying to balance their daily responsibilities with this crippling disease, a weight many cannot handle.

Others would say that achieving sobriety is like ice skating uphill while bearing a heavy burden at the same time. In some cases that could very well be true; however, despite the amount of truth in that statement, there is help. While alcoholism has no cure, there is viable treatment for alcoholism, which can begin with a medically supervised alcohol detox and inpatient alcohol treatment.

Which Alcohol Rehab Programs Are for Me?

Instead of focusing on which alcohol rehab programs to attend for your alcohol treatment, it’s best to focus on getting to the alcohol rehab facility first. You will be able to go over your specific individualized alcohol treatment plan with a team of medical professionals and licensed therapists.

It is too often that alcoholics focus on all of the details instead of getting the help they need as soon as possible. While the details of treatment are important, the most important part is actually getting to an alcohol rehab to receive the needed treatment for alcoholism.

Many alcoholics might want to have a say in their treatment plan, and they will be able to do so, but you can’t have a treatment plan if you are not at an alcohol rehab center for treatment yet!

Typically, the course of alcohol treatment begins with the medical detoxification phase. This is necessary for anybody who has been physically addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. The reality is that alcohol is an extremely physically addicting drug, and you will need to be monitored as you are detoxing off alcohol. Some alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • •Feeling restless
  • •Anxiousness
  • •Shakes
  • •Sweating
  • •Sleep disturbances
  • •Headaches
  • •Seizures

Because of the range in the severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it is best to detox off the substance at a medically supervised detox where medical professionals can monitor you. When you go to a medical detox, you will be surrounded not only in support but also by a team of medical professionals who can be there for you and support you every step of the way so that you will feel as little discomfort as possible.

After the medical detoxification phase in your alcohol addiction treatment, you will typically move on to inpatient treatment where you will receive intensive care to address your alcoholism and the problems that may have stemmed from it.

Without addressing and treating the core nature of the disease or making lasting changes for sobriety, you are bound to slip back into the same negative patterns of behaving and thinking.

Inpatient treatment pays a critical role in the process of recovery from alcoholism because it will help you work on yourself from the inside, out. From here, you can begin to receive individual therapy and group counseling, both of which will help you see that you are not alone. You may discover that others are dealing with the same difficulties and emotions.

In addition to being able to work through issues in therapy, you will be able to develop healthier coping mechanisms so that you can deal with problems more effectively and all without reverting back to alcohol abuse. Learning healthier coping skills will be critical for preventing an alcohol relapse and being able to maintain sobriety long-term.

The Right Alcohol Treatment Center

Now you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But where do you go from here? Most people who find themselves looking for an alcohol treatment center end their search with the same question… “How do I know which alcohol rehab program is right for me?” The best way to answer that question would be to ask yourself what you hope to gain from the alcohol treatment program of your choice.

Not every alcohol rehab center is created equally. It is critical to make sure that you are receiving treatment for alcoholism at a reputable drug and alcohol treatment center that can properly address the root causes of your condition. Make sure you look at a state-licensed and highly trusted inpatient rehabilitation center, such as The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs.

You can always place your trust in The Watershed because our programs have been designed to target each and every aspect of addiction. Since 1998, our leading drug and alcohol rehab centers have been able to treat over 55,000 patients.

If your goal is to fully obtain sobriety through an individualized alcohol treatment program, one that offers the utmost in privacy, confidentiality, and innovative alcohol treatment options, then your answer is an easy one. You need The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, which provides a full continuum of care that begins with a medical detox and inpatient alcohol rehab treatment.


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