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Addiction Treatment Resources

You can recover from addiction. There is a way out, and there is hope.

An addiction to drugs and alcohol can be devastating, and it can be tough when you are the one stuck in the pit of your disease.

It’s not easy to see that there is hope to recover from addiction and that you don’t have to continue living the way that you have been.

It helps to have addiction treatment resources available to you, which may be information on addiction, support from a 12 Step Fellowship, and/or assistance from addiction professionals at a reputable alcohol and drug rehab.

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While alcoholism, drug addiction, opioid addiction, and substance use disorders often carry and unjust stigma, the reality is that addiction is a disease. Like any other illness, addiction requires treatment in order for recovery to become a reality.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), patients who receive treatment at an inpatient rehab facility are three times as likely to complete their program as patients receiving outpatient addiction treatment. 

There once was only a limited amount of treatment resources and options, but today there are increasingly more evidence-based therapies and practices set in place to help combat alcoholism and drug addiction, including a medical detox and inpatient rehab center.

NCBI also concluded that inpatient residential treatment allows for optimal protection from triggers, which can be essential during the beginning stages of sobriety since it is when individuals seeking treatment for addiction are most vulnerable.

Understanding Alcohol & Drug Addiction

When an alcoholic and drug addict refuses to seek help for their addiction, the truth is that their disease will only progress and get worse over time. Addiction will not go away on its own any more than an addict or alcoholic can “just stop.”

Addiction Treatment Resources for Addicts & Alcoholics

Recovering from addiction takes hard work, and addiction treatment plays a pivotal role in helping alcoholics and addicts achieve this.

The best addiction treatment programs will incorporate various stages of treatment to address each patient’s specific needs all the way from medical detox and inpatient rehabilitation to sober living and outpatient programs.

There are additional addiction treatment resources for addicts and alcoholics as well, including support groups, 12 Step Programs, and faith-based programs.

Addiction Treatment Resources for Family

Addiction can take a toll on the loved ones of addicts as well. After all, it is a family disease. It can be heartbreaking to watch as a loved one succumbs to the nature of addiction and is unable to stop in spite of any and all negative consequences that may have occurred as a result of their drug use or drinking.

Drug addiction and alcoholism can turn people into someone that they are not. But addiction treatment and the process of recovery can allow for them to become who they were meant to be before the drugs and alcohol took all control over their lives.

There are several different addiction treatment resources for the family and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics as well.

There are groups, such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon, that are dedicated to the loved ones of alcoholics and addicts, respectively. Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), these 12 Step Fellowships provide a program of recovery for those that have been affected secondhand by the disease of addiction.

Recovery is completely possible, but it does take hard work.

It should be noted that a medical detox alone will not treat drug addiction.

Getting an alcoholic and addict off all substances in the first step to helping them embark on the road to recovery because they cannot truly recover without having all of the substances out of their system that kept them imprisoned for so long.

Just going to a detox won’t “fix” an addict or alcoholic, though. It will help addicts and alcoholics rid their bodies of the toxins all while allowing them to be monitored by medical professionals so that the withdrawal can be as comfortable as possible considering the situation that they are in.

Choosing the Right Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center

The best alcohol and drug rehab center for you is ultimately the treatment center that helps get you sober.

With that being said, not all addiction treatment centers are created alike. Some centers provide dual diagnosis addiction treatment while others are not equipped to manage and treat co-occurring disorders.

Other centers may be able to provide gender-specific addiction treatment programs while others offer only co-ed treatment options.

The truth is that you will want to look into what an alcohol and drug rehab center has to offer in order to determine if that is the best possible program for you.

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida and Texas, for example, offers a number of unique treatment programs and services, including dual diagnosis treatment, individual counseling, group therapy, women’s programs, men’s programs, educational services, and a full continuum of care with Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and sober living communities.

For immediate help, you can call our Crisis Hotline or get information from one of our addiction treatment specialists by calling The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768.

Difference Between Substance Abuse & Addiction

It can be tough to determine if you, or a loved one, is suffering from a substance abuse problem or a full-blown addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Either way, you will still want to consider treatment because the truth is that substance abuse can lead to a physical and psychological dependence.

Substance abuse, however, is defined as the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

It could be periodic, sporadic, or with friends. Addiction, on the other hand, involves a mental and physical obsession to use as well as a compulsive nature to continue using in spite of negative consequences.

A substance abuser may be able to put the drinks and the drugs down, but an addict has completely lost the power of choice. An addict may even use drugs or drink alcohol just to not feel sick or suffer withdrawal.

Again, it is important to realize that there can be disastrous consequences for both a substance abuse problem and an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

While some people may be under the impression that substance abuse is “okay,” “safe,” or “normal,” the reality is that it can be dangerous and develop into an addiction.

Addiction treatment can be provided and reputable inpatient rehab center for alcoholism, drug addiction, and a variety of substance use disorders, including substance abuse problems.

The best way to address any type of substance problem or addiction is by facing it head-on before it continues to progress and lead to even worse consequences, including death.

Types of Addiction Treatment Resources & Programs Offered by The Watershed

The most reputable addiction treatment centers, like The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida and Texas, will provide a wide array of services and programs to help continue addressing and treating the nature of addiction at the core.

Addiction treatment programs and services can include a medical detox, inpatient rehab center, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), outpatient therapy, halfway houses, and sober living.

It is important to go to an alcohol and drug rehab center that provides the care you need during every stage of recovery because addiction can be cunning, baffling, and powerful.

Relapse can happen, but it doesn’t have to, especially when you have a relapse prevention plan set in place and know what to do when you are feeling uneasy.

A treatment center for addiction should do more than just help you get sober; it should teach you and help you develop the tools you need to continue combating your addiction, which will ultimately show you how to maintain the sobriety you fought so hard for.

What to Expect During Your Addiction Treatment

When you contact a trusted and leading alcohol and drug rehab center in Florida, like The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, you can expect to be surrounded with support from the very minute you begin speaking with our addiction professionals over the phone.

We understand that addiction can be defeating and leave you feeling hopeless, but we also know that recovery is possible and attainable for anybody.

After speaking with our addiction professionals over the phone, we can assess your specific needs for treatment and get you the help you need.

Our medical detox and inpatient rehab centers are located in Palm Beach County, Florida and near Houston in Clear Lake, Texas.

We can arrange for you to come as soon as possible and receive the critical addiction treatment you need to conquer your addiction.

The first phase of treatment is the medical detoxification, where you will be weaned off all substances and begin to experience your first moments of true sobriety.

After the detoxification process, you will be placed into our inpatient rehab center, where you will receive help from therapists, psychiatrists, and a team of medical professionals to address your specific needs during treatment.

We offer a unique variety of programs to help you during the first few weeks of recovery.

In addition to our inpatient rehabilitation program, we offer a full continuum of care with an extended residential program, PHP, IOP, outpatient program, halfway houses, and sober living.

Each of these different treatment programs is designed to help you get sober and keep you sober.

Our patients are welcome to reside in our sober living facilities for as long as they would prefer to.

We believe in providing a full continuum of care to treat addiction because we understand how difficult the first year of recovery can be.

We want to help you during every phase of your recovery, which is why we have a treatment plan for you every step of the way.


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