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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) & Long Term Detox Program

The Watershed recognizes the need for more individualized treatment of drug addiction, which is why a Long Term Detox Program with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) has been implemented as an option for treatment at The Watershed.

What Is a Long Term Detox Program with Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-Assisted Treatment, or MAT, that is combined with comprehensive evidenced-based treatment programs and delivered by a team of medical professionals with an expertise in this approach meets the standard of care for people struggling to achieve and maintain abstinence from their opiate addiction.

Opioid addicts who have been unsuccessful in following through with the completion of their treatment regimen or have other risk factors, such as a history of chronically relapsing, can benefit from The Watershed’s Medication Assisted Treatment Programs. This Long Term Detox Program and MAT approach is designed to help opioid addicts break the cycle of relapse and transition into a full recovery.

The Medication-Assisted Treatment that is offered at The Watershed is a Long-Term Detox Program that can help taper patients off opioids. Through a long-term detoxification with MAT, patients are able to wean off the opioids over a longer period of time as part of their treatment plan for opioid dependency. Subutex and/or other medications for opioid addiction may be administered during the initial medical detoxification phase and then afterward, the patient may transition into  a decreasing dose schedule of Suboxone over the course of 45 days to no longer than six months.

Each patient’s course of treatment will be individualized and their specific treatment plan will be based off differing clinical symptoms, treatment progress, and life circumstances.

Who Is a Candidate for the Long Term Detox Program and MAT?

At The Watershed, our team of Board Certified psychiatrists, medical doctors, and addiction specialists will assess your addiction and psychiatric history as well as your medical condition to determine the best course of treatment for you and whether you meet certain criterion to be recommended for a Long Term Detox Program with Mediation-Assisted Treatment.

If the medical team of professionals does find that you are a candidate for the Long Term Detox Program with Medication-Assisted Treatment and recommends this as part of your treatment program for opioid addiction, the length of the treatment will depend on your response to previous and current prescribed interventions as well as how you are achieving your treatment goals.

What Types of Medications Are Prescribed for Opioid Dependency?

At the Watershed, your psychiatrist will be prescribing you medications, like buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex, and/or Vivitrol), to treat opioid dependency. The dosage and length of treatment will vary on a case by case basis. Each patient must be assessed for determining factors, so your treatment plan will be designed specifically for you by professionals in the medical and addiction treatment field.

Goal of Long Term Detox Program and MAT

The goal of our Long Term Detox Program with MAT is to help you to achieve and maintain abstinence. You will be able to get and stay engaged in your recovery instead of being harmed by cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Over time and through The Watershed’s comprehensive level of care for the treatment of addiction, your recovery will strengthen and your cravings will dissipate. Through this type of treatment intervention, you will gradually come off all substances and be able to maintain your recovery medication free by the completion of your treatment. All in all, the Long Term Detox Program with MAT is a short-term goal as patients, like yourself, build and develop the tools they need to get and stay abstinent from all substances.

In order to participate and stay in the Watershed’s Long Term Detox Program with MAT, patient’s need to demonstrate compliance with their treatment plan. Patients must abstain from all illicit drugs and/or any prescribed medication that is not approved by your attending psychiatrist.

Our treatment team will provide you with the emotional support and the coping skills you need to sustain a successful recovery, and you will not feel alone during this process. Your recovery and new life begins with you reaching out to The Watershed today. Please call us now at 1-800-861-1768.