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Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Center

Although individualized treatment programs differ, the basic ingredients of treatment are similar. Once our patients have completed their medical detox and clinical assessment phase. They will have the opportunity to move onto our extensive inpatient drug rehabilitation center and program at one of our beautiful South Florida Watershed facilities.

Get Clean and Sober

Medical detox is the first step towards a new life in recovery, but it is not treatment in itself. Addiction is a disease, and in order to maximize your recovery, it’s important to continue with a full treatment program. A treatment program is designed to help you recover from addiction and live life clean and sober. Individuals are able to take full advantage of our state-of-the-art accommodations while receiving extensive physical, educational, and emotional support.

Find Healing & Hope

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation can help you learn how to permanently change destructive behavior. At our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center, clients are taught how to avoid relapse, learn about the disease of addiction, work through emotional issues, and talk with others who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction too. We believe that addicts and alcoholics deserve the opportunity to recover.

Professional Addiction Specialist Care

The Watershed is a leading inpatient drug rehabilitation center that helps addicts and alcoholics recover from the disease of addiction. Our highly trained staff of drug addiction trained specialists, which includes medical doctors, psychologists, therapists, nurses, and behavioral health technicians, have helped create an ideal environment so that addiction recovery can take place.

We here at The Watershed are dedicated to providing you with an inpatient rehabilitation program that meets your specific needs. We promise to care for you and treat you with dignity as you heal both mind and body. Upon your arrival, a personal recovery plan will be created for you, based on the proven methods of medicine, psychiatry, and psychotherapy combined with time-tested 12-Step programs.

Recovering From Addiction

Our patients will benefit from our full addiction treatment program which includes individual counseling, group counseling, dependency and addiction education, family outreach program, life skills training courses, anger management groups, pain management education, and relapse prevention training. Each Watershed patient is given continuous, structured care with a proper support system to encourage successful recovery.

As a state licensed addiction treatment facility with qualified addiction treatment professionals, we’re ready to provide you with the help and support you deserve so that you can live happy, joyous, and free from addiction. We don’t just want our patients to stop using drugs and alcohol; we want to help you rebuild your life clean and sober. Call The Watershed today, 1-800-861-1768.

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