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Alumni & Continuing Care

Going home after addiction treatment an alcohol and drug rehab can sometimes be the hardest part. The disease of addiction leaves our lives in shambles, which makes taking the first step in the right direction a very difficult one. An experienced guide can provide invaluable support and direction along the way. Our Watershed Alumni staff is committed to providing the best possible critical support for every member of our extended Watershed family.

Through telephone, e-mail and online chats, The Watershed’s addiction treatment center provides multiple points of communication for anyone seeking immediate contact with an Alumni Coordinator. Additionally, we offer our alumni the option to take advantage of a wide range of ways to keep connected in the recovery community to help support recovery from addiction.

These options include weekly Alumni meetings with featured topics and speakers, message board discussion forums and electronic newsletters that help make contact easier. Our staff is upbeat and encouraging, drawing on a variety of rich resources to help our alumni along their personal recovery journey. Alcoholism and drug addiction can leave addicts feeling hopeless and stuck, but recovery can bring an entire support system and unique opportunities to help others struggling with the same difficulties.

Our Alumni & Continuing Care Services are dedicated to supporting those who have begun the journey of recovery at The Watershed, as well as their families. If you have any questions or just need someone to guide you along the way, please feel free to contact us at any time!

At our substance abuse treatment facility, we recognize recovery as a life-long journey, and continue that journey by maintaining contact with our patients after their alcohol and drug addiction treatment has concluded with helpful alumni participation and aftercare opportunities. Hundreds of our alumni remain involved in alumni activities years after treatment, and they tell us that helping others is a richly rewarding part of their lives. We hope that you will recognize that you or your loved one will benefit greatly from our care at The Watershed. Now is the time to make a change–forever.

“We once threw a life line, and to it we are eternally tethered.”
-Steve DeMarco, Admissions Director

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