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Pain Killer Treatment

Pain killer treatment is different than other types of addiction treatment because, in most cases, you actually started off needing the pain killer. You could have had an accident, went through surgery, or had some other type of illness that led you to needing prescription pain killers. Pain killer treatment is different than other addiction treatments also because other addicts never needed their drug to start with; they started using it out of curiosity or pressure, but not because of needing it. This is why there are unique issues that need to be addressed in any pain killer treatment.

At The Watershed, we understand that physical pain may be the underlying cause of your addiction. We also understand that you may still require some form of pain management when you have completed your pain killer treatment with us. If you suspect that your pain killer use has turned into addiction, call The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768 and speak with one of our caring staff members so that we can give you the hope of healing.

Understanding What Led You to Pain Killer Treatment

Part of what you will need to understand and what we will teach you in your pain killer treatment program at The Watershed, are the facts of your addiction or what led you to your pain killer treatment. It is a fact that many people facing pain killer addiction did not abuse their prescription drug. It is also a fact that even if you did take more of your drug, every once in a while, than you were supposed to, you may not have caused your addiction. During your pain killer treatment at The Watershed, we will discuss these things in depth in classes like relapse prevention, during therapy, or during your “process” therapy. Most pain killer addictions begin because of prolonged use of the pain killer or high dose therapy when you were first prescribed it. Essentially, your body built a tolerance to the drug throughout the duration of your use, causing you to need higher doses consistently, and then leading to your body being dependant on it. This is more than likely what led you to your pain killer treatment, not because you are a drug abuser or addict. More than likely, even if you are in pain killer treatment, you only did what your doctor told you to do. If you do need to enroll in a pain killer treatment program, call The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768.

Abuse Can Lead To Pain Killer Rehab

While what was stated above is true, there is still a high chance that your pain killer use turned into pain killer abuse. This means that sometime, in the duration of your use of pain killers, you either started taking more than what was prescribed or began to use it other than how it was meant (crushing or chewing pills to avoid the time release pattern). This means that you are, indeed, the root of your addiction because you did not follow your doctor’s orders. However, once you became addicted, you could not help yourself anymore. If this is the case that led you to your pain killer treatment, you need to realize that treatment is not a punishment. You, just like any other addict, are facing a multi-dimensional disease and you deserve the same care and respect as anyone else.

At The Watershed, this is exactly what we will give you: a caring, supportive environment in which you will be seen as an individual trying to take control of their life again through seeking pain killer treatment. You are an individual who will receive an individualized pain killer treatment plan. At The Watershed, you are NOT just another addict.

For additional information on the pain killer treatment programs at The Watershed, please visit our For immediate assistance call The Watershed anytime at 1-800-861-1768.

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