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The Watershed: GLBT Drug Rehab

GLBT Drug Rehab, drug Addiction and alcoholism is a disease that is indiscriminate with regard to race, economic status, or sexual orientation. It is a dangerous affliction that can lead to long term physical and emotional effects and can put considerable strain on relationships. If left untreated, the effects can ultimately lead to death. For these reasons, it is vital to find treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

While there are not many drug rehab facilities strictly for the GLBT community, The Watershed believes in caring for the needs of addicts no matter their sexual identity. At The Watershed, we strive to create a comfortable environment that treats every patient with dignity and respect.  It is our responsibility to make sure that your stay is safe and free of judgment. We believe that we will be able to help more individuals recover from the disease of addiction through non-discriminatory care in a compassionate and nurturing environment.

How We Can Help

The Watershed provides a variety of services that can help you with recovery from addiction, as well as healing from the destruction that addiction has caused in your life. We offer world class rehabilitation programs in medical detoxification and residential rehabilitation, as well as a variety of aftercare programs such as sober living apartments and various outpatient programs. We can further meet your needs with individualized programs such as dual diagnosis, our Professionals program, and gender specific programs. The Watershed also understands that addiction is something that affects the family members of the addict, which is why we offer a Family Outreach program that can help your family address the issues that have developed because of addiction, and reconcile damaged relationships.

If you need help locating a GLBT addiction treatment center, please call The Watershed 24-Hour Addiction Helpline.

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