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Residential Rehabilitation

With years of experience providing successful addiction treatment services, The Watershed residential rehabilitation center understands the challenges faced by alcoholics and addicts in their struggle to become sober and stay sober. We address these unique needs by offering a comprehensive set of individualized services.

Safe Environment for Addiction Treatment

Our team of clinical experts provides a caring and nurturing environment where chemical dependency can be addressed through our detoxification and rehabilitation programs at our world-class treatment facilities. We treat all of our patients with dignity and respect while helping them successfully transition from treatment back to their community. Through The Watershed’s programs, alcoholics and addicts will not only learn how to abstain from mind-altering substances, but learn to do so in environments that are safe, welcoming, respectful and empowering.

Qualified Medical Staff

It takes courage, guidance and structure to become clean and sober. The Watershed’s professional clinical staff offer daily individualized attention to get to the heart of each patient’s problems, deal with the wreckage of the past and build the framework for a new and sober life.

The Watershed is proud of the pioneering, restorative, and compassionate care we have provided our clients over the years. When it’s your time to make a change, choose the drug or alcohol rehabilitation center that is right for you or your loved one: The Watershed. We offer a fully licensed alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation center that can help you become sober and will equip you with the best tools for success in your recovery. Thousands of alcoholics and addicts have successfully completed Residential Rehabilitation at The Watershed.

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