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The Watershed provides a full medical detox on-site by 24-hour nursing and paramedic staff.

Stories of Hope

 Video Testimonials
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Audio Testimonials
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Testimonial: Shane G.
Shane G., AZ | 6:51 min
Testimonial: Debbie A.
Debbie A., PA | 2:33 min
Testimonial: Lydia J.
Lydia J. | 2:30 min

Written Testimonials

Hello Watershed! I wanted to update you on my progress. Hopefully I can be brief, but there is so much gratitude I could ramble on for days. I came to the Watershed the first time […]...Read more

I arrived at The Watershed on April 18, 2008. I spent about 35 days there and I can truthfully say that I just celebrated my first year of sobriety after 10 straight years of alcohol […]...Read more

My name is Leslie and I was admitted to The Watershed (Boca) on April 7th 2008. When I first arrived at The Watershed, I was scared, nervous, basically terrified. I came over time to realize […]...Read more

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