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Inpatient alcohol rehabilitation can help you learn how to permanently change destructive behavior. At our inpatient alcohol treatment center, clients are taught how to avoid relapse, learn about the disease of addiction, work through emotional issues, and talk with others who are struggling with alcohol addiction too. We believe that addicts and alcoholics deserve the opportunity to recover.

Alcohol Rehab Programs

  • •No Financial Hardship
  • •Qualified Caring Staff
  • •>State of the Art Facilities

About The Watershed


The Watershed is recognized as a leading drug addiction treatment provider, offering medical detoxification and drug rehabilitation for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Our Staff

  • •Psychiatrists
  • •Medical Doctors
  • •Directors
  • •Executives

We promise to provide you with the best treatment possible, and with utmost respect and dignity. It is the passion of our staff that distinguishes our programs from the rest. Learn more about here our qualified caring staff.

Can I Afford Treatment?


Taking a chance and taking that first step towards recovery starts with treatment. This is an opportunity to start a new life free from alcohol and drugs and should be considered as an investment in your loved one’s or your own life!

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We challenge you to really take a look at the true costs of addiction and then give us a call. You will find that our treatment programs are not only affordable, but absolutely worth it. Take that chance and make an investment in your life! Call Us Today.

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