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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida

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If you are one of the millions of people in Florida who have tried and failed, perhaps multiple times, to vanquish drug and alcohol addiction from your life, then you need to know that there IS a way out of the pain and misery that this disease brings. You do NOT have to submit to the disease of addiction because recovery is entirely possible but only when you get the critical care you need to treat addiction. An enslavement to drugs and alcohol will ultimately lead to one of three places -jails, institutions or death.

How Do I Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida?

But once you understand that addiction needs to be treated, where do you even begin to look for the “right” alcohol and drug rehab? The reality is that not all addiction treatment facilities are created alike. It is critical to find a reputable and qualified rehabilitation facility to receive the immediate attention you need in order to properly address your addiction.

A reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility will have the appropriate licenses and accreditations to provide you with the optimal care you need for the treatment of substance use disorders like addiction. For example, The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs is licensed by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. In addition to this, The Watershed has obtained the “Gold Seal” of Approval from The Joint Commission, which recognizes our addiction treatment programs as being a high standard in the industry.

For both those in and out of Florida, there is no need to look any further than right here at The Watershed. If you are ready to break the ties that bind you to the disease of addiction, then this leading drug and alcohol treatment facility is here to support you and guide you on a path toward recovery.

Qualified Medical Staff & Professionals

At The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, our medical staff and addiction professionals are dedicated to providing effective and high quality treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction at both our Florida and Texas facilities. It is important for the individual wishing to end their addiction to seek the proper and professional medical care they desperately need in order to combat their addiction to alcohol and drugs, which you can always count on when you turn to The Watershed.

You can speak with our addiction specialists at The Watershed any day at any time by calling our Help Line at 1-800-861-1768 or you can fill out a contact form right now!

Benefits of Drug Rehab Programs in Florida

There are infinite benefits of going to an alcohol and drug rehab in Florida, including that alcoholics and addicts can finally get off all substances and receive critical treatment for underlying issues so that they can be the person they were meant to be before the substances took over. In addition to this, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility can help alcoholics and addicts work on addressing drug triggers, cravings, and emotions through the development and utilization of healthier coping skills. Not only this but alcoholics and addicts are able to be surrounded by others dealing with similar experiences as them and receive support from one another as a result.

Detox Off Substances & Receive Care

Addiction treatment centers in Florida can provide alcoholics and addicts with the opportunity of recovering away from where their addiction was at it worst. Whether you are a Florida resident or wish to travel from out of state, an alcohol and drug rehab will provide the safe environment you need to get of all substances and work on healing from your addiction. It is strongly recommended that individuals seeking to end their addiction to drugs and alcohol undergo a medically supervised detox treatment conducted by specialized medical and psychiatric professionals before the treatment for the actual addiction starts.

The purpose and focus of the detox program is to purge the patient’s system of all substances prior to the treatment for the addiction. It’s critical to know that not every rehab center has on-site detox programs, nor does every rehab center offer trauma treatment or dual diagnosis. Some rehabilitation centers offer the traditional 14 to 28 day course of treatment; however, other centers offer an extended or more intensive program. The Watershed is proud to offer a full continuum of care from a medical detox and inpatient rehab all the way to Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and sober living environments.

Research the Drug Rehab Program

When you are looking for an alcohol and drug rehab center in Florida, it is imperative to speak with the center about the treatment programs and services that are offered. Different treatments vary in time and cost, which is why it is important to conduct proper research to find the right rehab program for you and your specific needs. The perfect example might be that you need a rehabilitation facility that provides care for not only addiction but also for mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Not all drug and alcohol rehabs provide dual diagnosis treatment, so you would want to make sure that the center you are going to provides treatment for co-occurring disorders.

If you have questions or have trouble making a decision about which addiction treatment program in Florida is right for you, please contact The Watershed. Our staff is experienced in matching your needs with the best rehab program for you. With the staff’s vast knowledge in the treatment industry, you will feel more than comfortable with your choice.

Understanding Alcohol Rehab in Florida

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is a physical addiction that affects an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. Alcoholism can rob an individual of their health, family, finances, career, friends, and even their life. Alcoholism is a disease, and it is cunning, baffling, and powerful in a way that can make alcoholics think they aren’t as sick as they are. The disease of alcoholism can be deadly, which is why it is even more critical for alcoholics to receive treatment for their problem.

Since alcohol is physically addictive, it is important for an individual wishing to end their addiction to do so under proper medical supervision in order to prevent dangerous health repercussions.

It is important to find the best rehabilitation program that provides the detox and critical treatment you need to combat your alcoholism. The Watershed offers a full continuum of care for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. In South Florida, there are also a wide range of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which are encouraged for long-term recovery.

If you are trying to find the best alcohol rehabilitation facility in Florida, then you can always depend on The Watershed. For more information or to get help now, call toll free on our addiction helpline NOW at 1-800-861-1768 (staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week) for assistance and allow us locate a rehabilitation program that will make a difference in your life.

Getting Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Treating Cocaine Addiction

Sadly, cocaine and crack cocaine are both widely available in Florida and throughout the United States. What used to be a concentrated problem localized to inner cities and metropolitan regions has now infiltrated smaller towns and rural areas. Because of its low price and easy accessibility, crack cocaine is particularly seeing a surge in popularity.

Despite their popularity, cocaine and crack cocaine still remain dangerous illegal drugs. Aside from debilitating, powerful addiction that frequently accompanies cocaine use, this drug is also associated with a variety of health problems, including chronic malnourishment, nosebleeds, bowel gangrene and mental problems, among a host of other ailments. But there is hope: rehab treatment for addiction can help users find lasting sobriety.

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For information concerning cocaine addiction treatment and finding the right drug rehab facility for you, contact the professionals at The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs by calling 1-800-861-1768. Remember, we are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Getting Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Heroin abuse and heroin addiction are on the rise around the country and in the state of Florida. Due in large part to the nation’s growing opioid addiction crisis, which is fueled primarily by powerfully addictive prescription painkillers, addicts are turning to cheaper, more accessible drugs like heroin.

Aside from being physically and psychologically addictive, chronic heroin use can lead to many health problems, including collapsed veins, heart infections, gastrointestinal problems, liver disease, kidney disease, pulmonary complications and other serious health concerns. Additionally, fatal overdose is not uncommon with heroin, and withdrawal symptoms can range from extremely uncomfortable to potentially dangerous.

Finding the right treatment facility for heroin rehab is an important part of getting clean. The professional staff at The Watershed can help make your search easier. We’re available 24/7 and ready to talk whenever you are. Give us a call today: 1-800-861-1768.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine – also called meth, crystal meth, ice, and crank – is a synthetic stimulant. It’s typically made in homemade laboratories in rural areas, including many places in Florida and throughout the country. Methamphetamine addiction happens rapidly, as the euphoric high and subsequent crash of using meth both happen very quickly, leading users to binge on the drug with repeated doses.
Chronic use associated methamphetamine addiction leads to chemical changes in the brain, mood and anxiety disorders, insomnia, and violent behavior. Additionally, meth users frequently experience other kinds of health problems, including severe dental problems, weight loss and facial sores from scratching.

Methamphetamine addiction is a serious problem in Florida and the United States. To find more information about obtaining treatment for a meth addiction, contact The Watershed today:1-800-861-1768.

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Help for an Addiction to Party Drugs

A variety of party drugs – a.k.a. club drugs – are seeing a surge in both national and Florida markets. These drugs include gamma hydroxybutyrate (“GHB”), Rohypnol (“roofies”), ketamine (“Special K”), as well as MDMA (“ecstasy”). Though substances like GHB are approved for limited medical use (they are exclusively approved to treat narcolepsy), they are frequently abused by teens and young adults.

Party drugs are sometimes used voluntarily, and other times administered to unsuspecting party-goers. GHB and Rohypnol specifically are often odorless and colorless, allowing predatory partiers (often males) to dose the drinks of others (often females) without their knowledge.

This is how this class of drugs earned the nickname “date rape” drugs. Voluntary use is no less sinister, however. In fact, frequent use of party drugs can lead to addiction and a host of health problems. These problems include coma, seizures, sexually transmitted diseases from sexual assault or promiscuity, poisoning, overdose, and even death.

Treatment for party drug addiction most often involves detox, followed by addiction treatment and counseling. To learn more about club drug addiction treatment, get in touch with the professionals at The Watershed. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call today: 1-800-861-1768.

Getting Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

The abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise in the State of Florida. There are numerous reasons why and how people become involved in drugs, many times prescriptions are legitimately written for an individual to alleviate the pain of chronic injury or illness and the individual inadvertently becomes addicted. These drugs include Vicodin (hydrocodone), OxyContin (oxycodone), Xanax and Valium (benzodiazepines), Darvon, Methadone, Percocet, and Darvocet.

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The pharmaceutical drugs are obtained by forged prescriptions; patients getting prescriptions from more than one doctor (referred to as “doctor shopping”); pharmacy break-ins; and from the internet. Another source of pharmaceutical drugs is from pain management clinics located in all the major cities which prescribe narcotics to addicts.

It’s time to stop the madness of alcohol and drug addiction!

If you have questions about drug rehabilitation programs, alcohol rehabilitation programs, cocaine addiction treatment, heroin addiction treatment, methamphetamine addiction treatment, party drug addiction treatment, marijuana addiction treatment, or prescription drug addiction treatment offered in the State of Florida please contact the professionals at The Watershed. It is extremely important that the needs of the person match the addiction treatment service being offered in order to achieve the best results.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facility

Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol that affects you both mentally and physically. Recovering from this disease will usually require rehabilitation at an Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facility. At a treatment center, you will go through detox – a safe and effective way to purge alcohol from your system which gives you a clean slate to begin treatment. The amount of time you spend in detox and rehabilitation will depend on your addictive substance. However, it is a common mistake that a patient will try to return home too soon and will subsequently relapse.

When you are at home, you are exposed to all of the people, places, habits, and things that caused you to become addicted in the first place. These are called “triggers” and usually cause the patient to relapse upon exposure. Addicts need to spend a significant amount of time in treatment to not only learn how to avoid these “triggers”, but also to build the strength to deal with them in a healthier way and function as a healthy member of society. At The Watershed, we offer a positive and extended living situation where you can learn and live with other addicts in recovery who offer peer group recovery support.

Alcoholism has no cure, but it can be treated in an inpatient alcohol treatment facility. Addicts in recovery are always in recovery, so even if you have been sober for many years, you are still in danger of relapse. Avoiding alcohol entirely is the best route for recovering alcoholics. Effective inpatient alcohol treatment facilities like The Watershed use both therapy and medication to help a person stop drinking and rebuild their lives. Let us help you! Call The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768.

An Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facility That Works

It is very common to see varying levels of success for each individual who tries inpatient alcohol treatment. The first and most important step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem and asking for help. Treatment for addiction is only the second step in the recovery process. The third step you take is completing inpatient treatment and participating in aftercare. If you are standing on step 1, getting to step 3 may seem impossible right now. Keep in mind that there are ways to beat this disease in a way that works.

Accepting that you need help and entering treatment can be a major challenge, but you cannot be forced to make this decision. It must be a decision that you come to on your own and seek help for yourself or you will not be able to find lasting recovery. You do not have to wait until you hit “rock bottom” to ask for help – get help now!

Alcohol Treatment Programs

It is not necessary to wait until an alcoholic reaches “rock bottom” for treatment to begin. The earlier the treatment process begins the better likelihood for long-term success. Alcoholism needs to be monitored constantly and sometimes help from family or a friend is required. Depending on the addict’s ability to accept they need help, family and friends may need to have an intervention to help motivate them to change and recover. Effective treatment programs will help you with more than one approach.

Have you ever been accused of being an alcoholic? Do you wonder if you are addicted to alcohol? Maybe you are at a point where you need to drink when you wake up in the morning, simply to calm your nerves or cure a hangover. This should be a red flag to you, indicating that you likely have a drinking problem and it is imperative that you seek help immediately.

The First Step

Many addicts will resolve to try to quit on their own by scaling back on their drinking or trying to quit cold turkey. It is rare that an alcoholic can quit of their own accord, and even if they succeed, they will likely relapse. The only way to recover from alcoholism is to abstain from alcohol completely and permanently. It is an important choice to make, if not just for your health, but for your friends and family and your ability to function as a member of society.

Making the decision to stop drinking must be the first step you take or you will not be able to recover. At The Watershed, we can give you the support you need, including treatment for any medical problems that may manifest during your recovery. We can also treat your mental addiction and any mood swings, anger, depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems.

Alcohol withdrawal is commonly suffered by those who have suddenly stopped their drinking habits after using for an extended period of time. You may suffer from the shakes and sweats, confusion, anxiety, or hallucinations. These side effects are very serious and if not treated, can cause serious health problems. At The Watershed, we offer you a comfortable, safe, medical detox to help you with your withdrawal. Your treatment plan is waiting – just give us a call today at 1-800-861-1768.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facility

The duration and intensity of your inpatient alcohol treatment will depend on how deeply alcoholism has a hold on you. It is likely that you will need detox to relieve your body of the toxins of alcohol that have become ingrained in your system. You will also undergo therapy to deal with the people or situations that led you to your alcohol addiction initially and will teach you how to deal with these “triggers”. You will learn how to identify those triggers and find new ways to cope with them without the use of alcohol. These treatments are offered at The Watershed Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facility.

Alcohol Rehab in Florida

When you decide to quit drinking, you need to find the best available alcohol treatment in Florida. You will need to commit to yourself to work hard to find lasting recovery. We will offer you the tools and guidance so that you can lead a happy, sober life. Our comfortable facilities will help you rest and relax while you begin to recover. When you’re ready for alcohol treatment in Florida, please call The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768.

Levels of Treatment and Rehabilitation

At The Watershed, our treatment program consists of six levels from Medical Detoxification through Sober Living. Your progress through each level will depend significantly on your dedication to recovery and your individual needs. However, most levels will last around 30 days.

In your first three levels of treatment, you will go through detox and begin your drug and alcohol treatment program. Your days will be fully structured with activities, counseling, and group meetings. In your final levels of treatment, your time will be less structured and you will live in a halfway house.

You will be given a recovery plan and the option to attend several group and individual therapy sessions to support you. You will be able to attend school or go to work, as well as leave the facility for 12-step meetings, work with a sponsor, and begin to re-enter normal society. Sober living will help you return to your family and life as a sober alcoholic in recovery.

For additional information on the Florida alcohol treatment program at The Watershed, please visit our main Alcohol Treatment page. For immediate assistance, call The Watershed anytime at 1-800-861-1768.