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Drug Detox Program At The Watershed

At The Watershed, we understand the fears associated with detoxing off drugs. This is why we make it our mission to help you detox as safely and comfortably as possible at one of our state of the art addiction treatment facilities located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida.

Drug Detox Centers in West Palm Beach, Florida

Drug dexofication without medical assistance can pose serious or life threatening consequences. A medical detox is an important step in getting and staying clean. Many addicts find themselves using even when they don’t want to because their cravings and pain are too great to resist using again.

Our primary purpose is to help you recover from drug addiction, which is why we provide 24 hour care from our medical team of addiction specialist; including medical doctors, nurses, paramedics, psychiatrists, and behavioral health technicians, so that your needs are meet with the utmost care.

Why Is A Medical Detox Necessary?

Detoxing off drugs alone or “cold turkey” can be very dangerous and may even cause death. With a trained medical staff caring for you during your detox, your withdrawal symptoms will be lessened and more serious ones avoided.

Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms

  • •Anxiety/Panic
  • •Nervousness
  • •Irritability
  • •Restlessness
  • •Irritability
  • •Insomnia
  • •Headaches
  • •Poor concentration
  • •Anger
  • •Depression

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

  • •Sweating
  • •Racing heart
  • •Palpitations
  • •Muscle tension
  • •Tightness in the chest
  • •Difficulty breathing
  • •Tremor
  • •Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • •Cold/Hot Flashes
  • •Twitching/Shaking
  • •Restless legs/Achy Joints

Withdrawal from opiates like, heroin, alcohol and oxyontin, can be a painful process without medical assistance.

Dangerous Withdrawal Symptoms

  • •Grand mal seizures
  • •Heart attacks
  • •Strokes
  • •Hallucinations
  • •Delirium tremens (DTs)

What Can I Expect During Drug Detox?

Your safety and comfort during your detox process is extremely important to us. The Watersheds team of medical drug detoxification specialist will provide the best level of care so that your withdrawal symptoms are not only manageable but also safely done.

The Watershed Drug Detox Process

When you arrive at one of The Watershed Addiction Treatment facilities located in West Palm Beach, Florida, you will be greeted by a caring professional medical staff member to help you get started on your new journey with us. Here is what you can expect from your stay at our drug detox program at The Watershed:

Medical Evaluation

You will meet with one of our trained medical professionals for a full evaluation of your current health condition. As part of this evaluation, a plan will be implemented to best treat your withdrawal symptoms during the detox process.
Medically Monitored Drug Detoxification

A medical treatment plan will be determined based on the drugs abused, how much was used and length of use, along with any other medical conditions you may have. During this phase of your drug treatment program, professionals will often limit your contact with family, friends, and outside stressors, so that your detox process runs as smoothly as possible. Withdrawal symptoms will be treated and monitored closely by our staff 24 hours a day. This process is usually complete within a week, although it may vary from person to person depending on the condition of the individual.

Rehabilitation Treatment Programs During Detox

Although you may not be fully detoxed off drugs, addiction treatment specialists often advise that once you are medically safe to do so, you start to take part in some of the various services, like therapy, counseling and group activities. We found through our experience that this will maximize your time during your stay with us and help you feel better quicker. This point in detox will help you fight against feelings of loneliness as you walk alongside with other patients going through the same circumstance.

Beginning Your Rehabilitation Program

This will be your first milestone on the road to life-long recovery. You will start to feel both mentally and bodily better than you have in years, but you have not yet recovered from addiction. Detox helps you overcome the physical need for drugs and alcohol, and the rehab phase helps you build a strong foundation for recovery after treatment. Now you will begin to gain insight through stress management, family counseling, relapse prevention, individual therapy, group therapy, and gender based therapery groups.

More Information On Drug Detox

Drug detox is the process of ridding the body of toxins associated with drug use. Depending on what drugs were abused, how long they were used, and how much will determine the medication and length needed to detox a person safely. Many addicts will experience withdrawal symptoms during the first phase of detox. Severity of symptoms will differ from person to person; medications will help with this process. Once an individual’s body is safely purified from drug related toxins, he or she is now ready to pursue long term addiction recovery.

West Palm Beach, Florida is also known for hosting one of the largest recovery communities in the country, why shouldn’t you be treated where the treatment is best? If you’re trying to decide whether you should go to a drug detox, or would like more information about drug detox, call The Watershed today, we have trained addiction specialist ready to answer any questions you may have.

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