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Young Adults Ok With Adderall Use But Not Steroids

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A recent study conducted using Penn State students released a report concerning attitudes towards the use of steroids in sports compared with the use of Adderall in academia. The overall conclusion was that students are generally ok with the use of Adderall to enhance academic performance, but no ok with athletes using steroids to enhance their performance. The study also unveiled that 8% of those partaking had taken Adderall or an equivalent within the past month. This is a common practice now in academia and abusing performance enhancing drugs can lead to an addiction. That is why it’s important for individuals to seek drug addiction help at a drug detox center. This can prevent an addiction from occurring.

Why Is Adderall Okay?


Steroids have obviously gotten a bad rap in the sports industry. The use of steroids is prohibited by athletic associations and testing is done to prevent athletes from participating in sports if they’re found in their systems. Perhaps due to the media coverage this is why many students find the use of steroids to be overwhelmingly unethical in comparison to the use of performance enhancing drugs in academia. Some students have the idea that if someone wins in an athletic performance that means that someone loses. By throwing steroids into the mix there is an unfair advantage. This does not hold true for academia.


Recently Adderall has made the headlines due to a recent reduction in it’s’ availability. Adderall is normally used to treat those with ADHD and conditions such as narcolepsy. However, many college aged students will abuse either their own supply of Adderall or will illegally obtain it. Many claim that it allows them to focus and finish school work that they would otherwise be unable to finish. What is interesting is that most students did not find it wrong or unethical to abuse performance enhancing drugs in an academic setting. The reasoning being that if one person get’s an A, it doesn’t have an effect on anyone else, as opposed to an athlete winning or another athlete losing.


Another factor that plays into this thinking is the fact that steroid use overall is illegal. This is in contrast to those who can legally obtain a prescription from a doctor for Adderall. What many do not realize however, is that by being in possession of pills that aren’t theirs it is illegal.


The study brought to light attitudes regarding students and steroids as well as the drug Adderall. It is widely thought that Adderall is ok to take to enhance academic performance. It is important to stress that abusing drugs in any context is not ok. There are many drug detox centers that are available to help those who want to get off any mind altering substances safely.  Hopefully by informing students early, it can prevent full blown addiction down the road ultimately keeping their lives on track.

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