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World AIDS Day: Learn Facts About AIDS to Raise Awareness of Disease

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It might be a rather rude awakening for addicts, alcoholics, and substance abusers to hear that destructive decisions do actually occur when they actively drink and/or abuse drugs.  This can even entail them acting out by being promiscuous in their behavior and not taking the necessary protective cautions due to not being in their clearest state of mind, which causes them to be prone to contracting sexually transmitted diseases.   There are dangers associated with substance use that get overlooked when the user is actively abusing substances because they wind up more concerned with getting their next fix than on the consequences that may unfold from their actions after their use.

World AIDS Day Facts

December 1 was World AIDS Day; a day intended to spread awareness of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in order to get the necessary information shared on the disease for prevention purposes.  Learning the facts about AIDS helps break the stigma that has long been associated with the disease, which can then lead to a better understanding of the background of the disease.

AIDS is acquired as the last stage of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) where the sufferer’s body will struggle with the capability to combat diseases and specific types of cancers.  Not all individuals that are diagnosed with HIV will have the disease progress to AIDS.  Because medication has advanced throughout the years, having HIV is far more manageable than it has ever been before, and should not be stigmatized as a death sentence. It can, in fact, be monitored to be relatively low key in the body.  Although HIV can be transmitted to others, there are ways to prevent the spread from one person to another.  Ways that risk transmission of HIV include the bodily fluids of an HIV-infected person coming into contact with another person during sexual conduct, intervenous drug use, or other blood-to-blood contact.  To put an end to misconceptions, HIV is not contracted through the air or water, bugs like mosquitoes, spit, crying, sweat, handshakes, sharing plates, or using the same bathroom. Thinking that HIV is transmitted by any of those is giving in to the stigma of HIV and AIDS.  This is why World AIDS Day is important, because it gives a specified day where people can discuss fact from fiction and address the truth that society needs to hear.

World AIDS Day puts emphasis on how prevalent AIDS has been in society as well as how the course of treatment for the disease has significantly progressed over time.  When addicts and/or alcoholics are actively abusing substances and in the pit of their addiction, they often fail to see the consequences for their actions – or if they do, they simply do not care because their main concern is their next dose since they depend upon it.  There are prevention programs that do see it as a necessity to reach out to individuals that are actively abusing substances and making destructive decisions as a result.  Needle exchange programs, for example, are permitted in specific states.  These places offer a variety of preventative services including giving out clean syringes in exchange for used dirty ones, free STD tests, pregnancy tests, condoms, cotton balls, pamphlets, resources, meeting lists, and check-ins.

Are you engaging in risky behavior while you’re under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol but can’t seem to stop abusing substances because you’re hooked?  Contact The Watershed at 1-800-861-1768 today to find a new way to live because you deserve more than how you’re treating yourself.

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