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Wishes For New Year: 2015

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Coming up with wishes for New Year 2015 can be an exciting part of the process when recovering from an addiction.  It can motivate the newly sober individual to strive toward doing the next right thing and being the best version of themselves that they know they can be.  Recovery means finding healthy ways to solve the underlying thinking problems going on instead of turning to external sources like alcohol and/or drugs that wind up setting off the addictive cycle.

What Are Your Wishes for New Year 2015?

Be able to nurture self.

A great resolution for the upcoming year can begin with self-care.  It isn’t selfish wanting to take care of yourself.  After all, how can you be of service to anyone else if you can’t take care of your own obligations?  Making the commitment to yourself to treat yourself a little kinder and stop with the negative self-talk can prove to be a pivotal point in your recovery process.  When you begin to treat yourself like the human being you are, you can begin to stop being so hard on yourself and accept yourself the way that you were intended to be.  It may help you see the world the way it is as well.

Ability to be authentic with others.

Having a goal of opening up to other people, not just in recovery but in general, is great because life becomes far more fulfilling when you can truly live connecting with others.  Building relationships and possessing the ability to maintain them is a vital part of what makes life meaningful.  Without this, it may become monotonous and cease to have true pleasure.  Authentic relationships with others spur even greater, deeper meaning because you can be who you really are without worrying about being judged or ridiculed.  You don’t have to hide your true self.  Nothing can be more freeing than that, especially when you are recovering from a drug and/or alcohol addiction because you were masking yourself with substances for so long and hiding behind the crutch of substances for so long.  Branching out and being able to relate helps you see that life can offer you better rewards when you earnestly seek to develop them.

Stop caring about other people’s perceptions.

By letting go of ideals that no longer suit the person you are striving to become, you can redirect yourself to grow to further be the best version of yourself.  When you are always concerned of what other people are thinking about you, so much energy and time is put into self-centered thoughts that could be directed into more useful, productive, and well-spent focus.  Putting it to your list to stop caring about other people’s opinions of you as one of your wishes for New Year 2015 should prove to be freeing because you may notice a sense of confidence arise in yourself as a result, as you realize that the thoughts others may have of you are none of your concern.  In fact, it was Dr. Suess who said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  Take initiative in 2015 and don’t let other people’s hurtful comments bring you down.  Try to remember that anything a person says about you speaks nothing of you but instead speaks volumes of their own character.

When it comes to being in recovery from an alcohol and/or drug addiction, there’s an entire slew of wishes for New Year 2015 you could probably come up with.  The truth is that all becomes possible again when you put down the drinks and drugs.  You open up the door to a whole new world of freedom and all these wishes have the potential to be granted in time.  It may sound like a cliché, but the sky is the limit! Don’t even let that hold you back in 2015.

Are you still battling to find sobriety, unable to put down the drink and/or drugs?  Contact The Watershed today and make your wishes for New Year 2015 become a reality by taking the first step toward the recovery process.  Call today because you deserve freedom now.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Your time to recover is now.

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