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Wishes for Christmas: The Gift Of Sobriety

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This year, your wishes for Christmas may be more important and life-changing than ever before.  Even though it can’t be wrapped in a luxurious box, the gift of recovery is such a precious present.  When an addict and/or alcoholic is able to conquer their inner troubles and put their substance of choice down, they will then truly be able to experience the miracle of recovery.

Wishes for Christmas

To Get and Stay Sober

Wishes for Christmas this year may include the ability to get and stay off a substance of choice for an addict and/or alcoholic.  Coming into recovery can be an extremely uncomfortable feeling and there are bound to be moments of frustration along the way. Simply wishing for the obsession to be lifted won’t make it go away, but accepting help will.  Committing to a program of recovery, being proactive, and adhering to taking suggestions can and will help you or your loved one recovery long-term.

Remain Grateful

It’s too simple to look over the progress that has been made after a certain amount of time in recovery from addiction and/or alcoholism. This is why it is vital to take some time to reflect on how far the road has been traveled and keep track of that progress.  Just because some character defects may be popping up or quick to arise in certain occasions, it does not mean that you are a failure.  It needs to be remembered that the disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful and treating it one day at a time will help alleviate some of those negative thoughts.  Being able to grow and learn without the use of drugs or alcohol is what the gift of sobriety is all about.  What other wishes for Christmas could there be aside from continuing to grow along spiritual lines in the program of recovery that created the life beyond wildest dreams of which was attained?

When it comes to wishes for Christmas, the ability to get and stay sober is a huge one, but the amount of effort required is imperative.  Willingness is a necessary component if the addict and/or alcoholic is serious about wanting to recover from their disease.  The gifts of sobriety are endless and having gratitude doesn’t just come over holidays like Christmas.  A sober lifestyle allows the individual in recovery to remain vigilant with their program and practice principles every day so that they can shine appreciation for the peace they have found regularly.

Are you struggling this Christmas season and unable to enjoy the holiday season because you are actively abusing substances but don’t know how to stop on your own?  For help, contact The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs today at 1-800-861-1768 because you are worth recovery.

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