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Will I be my own Valentine?

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“Being my own Valentine” sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? If we think about it, what defines a “Valentine”? Is it not usually someone that we love, cherish, respect, and enjoy being around? When we look at the way we have lived our lives in addiction up until now, one would be hard pressed to believe that we ever loved ourselves.  In fact, didn’t we spend most of our time abusing and killing ourselves with drugs or alcohol? Now, we have begun a new path and a new way of living free from our addiction.

Part of learning this new way of life in recovery is embracing a fresh concept. One in which we stop loathing in self pity and instead, learn to truly “love” ourselves. To cherish, not only our life and the fact that we have it, but to cherish who we are and right where we are now. When we were wrapped up in our addiction we never got the chance to get to know us.

We begin to have the ability to be able to enjoy our own company. To be alone in comfort, to be able to fit into our own skin, and to finally be happy with what we have. This becomes a reflection by how we treat our body, mind, and spirit in our daily lives in addition to how we treat others. Believe it or not, how we treat others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

You might be thinking, “Wow, I don’t know if I can even really be my own Valentine. I don’t know how to love myself that way.” Thankfully, we have tools in recovery. Try positive affirmations, like “I am worth love”, “I am an amazing person”, “I respect myself”, etc. We challenge you to try something different. To believe in yourself and start practicing the opposite of once destructive thoughts.

All those negative feelings we used to have were false. This new life and new beginning brings new ideas and new thoughts. If you haven’t already, make today the day to embrace and love exactly who you are, because you are worth it!

– Rebecca B.

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