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Why Do I Need Detox From Drugs Or Alcohol

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For many addicts and alcoholics, the thought of detox can be frightening. Fears associated with both physical and mental pain prevent many individuals from getting clean and sober. Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol affects the mind, as well as the body. A medical detox is usually needed to recover fully from addiction. Detoxing on your own can be not only difficult and painful, but also extremely dangerous. Depending on the amount of substances abused, length of use, and type of drug; without medical assistance, this could lead to death.

Detox From Drugs & Alcohol

At Home Detox Risks

In addition to the risks associated with at-home detoxes, the addict or alcoholic also runs the risk of using or drinking to get rid of the symptoms, or to control the phenomenon of craving. There are also the uncontrollable obsessive thoughts around the desire to pick up over staying clean and sober. The addict or alcoholic will usually try to talk themselves out of detoxing fully, or tell their family why they can’t do it. This is why a safe and comfortable environment is a necessity when detoxing of off drugs.

Addiction Treatment Programs

There are plenty of detox programs offered around the country; it is difficult to know which ones are the best. A good rule of thumb: if the detox facility isn’t also a drug or alcohol treatment center, it’s best to keep looking. Some facilities just provide detox, leaving the addict or alcoholic untreated once they are done with their withdrawals. Detox alone is not treatment; a medical detox will help cleanse the addict’s body of the drugs, but will not treat drug addiction or alcoholism.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Many addiction treatment centers provide programs that start right at detox, giving the person suffering from addiction the advantage to stay clean and sober long-term. Many addicts and alcoholics can and do recover from the disease of addiction, but they have to be willing to put in the work. We make that part easy for anyone suffering from substance abuse. The Watershed provides a unique treatment in that we offer our patients a full continuum of care, from detox all the way to outpatient programs and sober living apartments. Recovery is a journey and not just a destination. Staying clean and sober is a way of life and you, or your loved one, deserves the opportunity for a full recovery.

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