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Which Is The Worst Drug – Pot, Tobacco, or Alcohol?

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which is the worst drugAccording to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), marijuana is a schedule I narcotic. This means it has a higher potential for abuse than cocaine and meth. Which also means a person who uses it can develop a physiological and physical dependence. That being said, pot may actually not be as bad as other legal substances: alcohol and tobacco, according to a CNN report.

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Which Is The Worst Drug?

Show me the stats!

In a video released by CNN called, ‘What’s worse – pot or booze?’, 68% of tobacco users and 23% of alcohol drinkers will sooner or later develop a dependency to that substance, as opposed to only 9% of weed smokers. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) links 88,000 deaths to alcohol every year, and another 480,000 from cigarettes. Based on these stats alone, marijuana seems less frightening.

Is Pot Safe?

No. Marijuana can still cause physical and mental health issues (short-term and long-term) after use. According to CNN, teens who smoke weed actually shed IQ points, as well as have a higher risk of developing psychiatric issues. Although the video also suggests to wait till you’re 21 to drink alcohol and maybe even use pot, it’s actually better for  your mind and body to forgo ingesting any drug (including alcohol) if you want to stay healthy and strong, both physically and mentally, for the rest of your life.

The bottom line is that we shouldn’t be comparing what drug out there is safer; we should be discouraging any use of any drug where the cons outweigh the pros. We have heard it over and over again how marijuana can help with mental health issues (like anxiety and depression), but drug and alcohol treatment professionals will disagree. Addicts and alcoholics (who are also dual diagnosis) can and do stay clean and sober without the use of these substances to cope with the disease of addiction and mental health issues. To say one drug is safer to use over another is only encouraging the already devastatingly deadly toll on our nation’s people from drug abuse and addiction.

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If you are struggling with a mental health disorder and are trying to self-medicate, we know we can offer you a better way to live. Being a slave to drugs and alcohol is no way to exist. We can help. Call now 1-800-861-1768!

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