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Where’s the Love for the Other Obama?

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It’s somewhat old news that back in his high-school years, Barack Obama smoked marijuana regularly for recreational purposes. In May of this year there was a huge upheaval in the media over a biography of the President that was full of graphic illustrations of Obama’s pot-loving glory days. He was even a member of a group known as the “Choom Gang;” Choom being a slang verb for the action of smoking pot. With all of this out in the open, it is safe to say that the Obama slate has been wiped clean as he has repented of his youthful antics . . . or has it? A recent interview by filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has found a half-brother of Barack Obama that is struggling in the slums of Kenya with addiction.

Who is George Obama?

George and Barack have the same father, but George was born in Kenya to Obama Senior’s fourth wife. He is 30 years old, and as previously mentioned, he is currently living in a metal shack inside the slums of one of Nairobi Kenya’s most impoverished communities. In contrast to his wealthy brother, this Obama is getting by on a couple of dollars per week while trying to take care of his young son who has chronic respiratory illnesses. Apparently, he has never asked the President for a penny, stating in the interview that his half-brother, “has other responsibilities,” and “it’s not his job to take care of me.”

George’s Afflictions

It’s not only his residency in a Third World society that people are saying should prompt the President to come to his family’s aid, but also George’s life-threatening addiction to drugs and alcohol. During his interview, he would stumble over some of his words and was clearly finding it difficult to walk without swaying and stumbling occasionally. During his years surviving on crafty street smarts, George became addicted to readily available moonshine, heroin, and cocaine. The moonshine is particularly dangerous in this area as it is laced with lethal components like battery acid and embalming fluid. It is toxic enough to have been given the name Chang’aa, which translates to “kill-me-quick.” He had also spent some time in prison, which he says actually helped him stop using cocaine and heroin.

Trying To Help Himself

George has tried to make changes in his life; for himself, for his son, and for his father’s sister who helps pay the bills by selling coal in the streets. Since his time in prison, George has stayed clean from cocaine and heroin, but is still battling with the addiction to Chang’aa. Two years ago he attempted to get a visa in order to come to the U.S.. to visit his mother that lives in Atlanta, only to be declined. For now, while he is still hitting up the local bars, he has been the founder and leader of a slum soccer team called the “Obama Champs.”

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