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What To Expect After Rehab

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Not sure what to expect after rehab? Making a decision to go to rehab and sticking with it is an incredibly brave thing to do. The misconception that addict/alcoholics are weak is just plain false. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to go to an alcohol and drug rehab program and stay the entire suggested time. Fortunately with more understanding about addiction and the recognition from The American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM) that it’s a disease has helped pave the way for many to get the treatment they deserve.

One of the main fears that stop people from getting help is what they don’t know or what they think they know. Let’s make it simple, here is a step-by-step guide of what you can expect during treatment here at The Watershed, The Watershed Experience. Now let’s dig into what one should do after rehab to ensure continued success in long-term recovery.

After Rehab: Staying Clean & Sober

Let’s get down to the reality of it. Those who want to stay clean and sober after rehab most likely will and those who have reservations most likely won’t, it’s that simple. Our experience has shown that those who have the honest desire and thoroughly work their program of recovery stay clean and sober long-term. Those who don’t take suggestions and don't put in the work have a tendency of relapsing. Whether it’s your first time trying or your 10th, the result is the same – you get out what you put in.

After Rehab: Half-Way House & ¾ Way House

Entering the “real world” for an addict or alcoholic after treatment can certainly be anxiety provoking. It can be even more fearful if they are going right back to old people, places, and things. This is why more and more halfway houses, ¾ houses, and sober living environments are being created. It’s best to have continued structure even after rehab. This allows the addict/alcoholic to encounter real life situations while having support from not only a therapeutic community, but also from others in recovery. Life is going to have its temptations, you can’t very well lock yourself up and remove all “triggers” for the rest of your life, and this is why living around other sober supports is crucial in dealing with these triggers. You never know how you are going to react to any given situation newly clean and sober, so this is a way to encounter life on life’s terms while still being in a safe and structured environment. This is one of the many reasons The Watershed created its own sober living apartments for its alumni. Click to learn more about The Watershed Apartments & The Watershed Residence.

After Rehab: Therapy

If you have the opportunity to attend a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) after your stay in an inpatient rehab, do it. There are millions of people who would gladly take this opportunity. Not everyone gets the chance to attend these programs and it will only benefit you and your recovery. This allows many patients to address outside issues that accompany the disease of addiction, also known as dual diagnosis. The suggestion is, if there is an opportunity to obtain more therapy, education, or groups, do it. The more knowledge and understanding you gain the better you are. If you work through this process thoroughly, you will be less likely to repeat it.

After Rehab: Clean & Sober Support

The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It’s also the only disease that tells its host it doesn’t have one. Many addicts and alcoholics who stop going to meetings, working steps with a sponsor, and don’t work a program of recovery run a greater risk of relapsing post treatment. It’s very important to have continued clean and sober supports that are working a program of recovery around you. It’s equally as important to surround yourself with clean and sober supports who have worked all 12-steps, have a sponsor, and sponsor others as well. These people in the rooms will help guide you in your recovery process as you continue your journey.

After Rehab: Fun In Recovery

Learn new ways to have fun besides partying or trying different ways to get high. If you attend a good rehab program, they will offer these services through their alumni support program. Things like recovery events, clubs and classes, and even ones that go as far as helping you obtain employment or go back to school. Your investment into rehab is an investment into your life. Don’t rush the process, instead slow down and absorb as much as you can. Early stages of recovery can be scary at times, but there is also so much fun to have, you just have to allow yourself to participate.

After Rehab: Life-Long Recovery

Recovery may not be easy at first, but it’s simple when we don’t complicate the situation and learn to trust the process. When we take suggestions and follow through with action, we see how our lives begin to get better. We see how our clean and sober life becomes normal and the life of addiction becomes a distant memory. Anyone can have this dream; anyone can obtain recovery if they are willing to do the work. If you put all this effort into going to rehab, why would you want to just stop there? Recovery is about life and life is a journey. Whether it’s your first time at trying to get clean and sober or it’s something you have tried before, there is always hope after addiction if you are ready to take that first step. Come join the journey of recovery: Get Help Now!

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