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Addiction Treatment Options: What Is Suboxone?

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What is suboxone and can it help me recover from opiate abuse? Suboxone was originally used to help opioid addicts recover from their opioid addiction, but it turns out that Suboxone long-term use is just as harmful. The most common medications used by physicians to treat opioid abuse are naltrexone, methadone, and suboxzone (burprenorphine). Medications that are used to help medically detox a patient from their drug of choice is one thing, but long-term use of suboxone is simply replacing one drug addiction or another, and people are getting hooked.

What Is Suboxone/Burprenorphine?

Suboxone was approved by the FDA in 2002 as an opioid dependence treatment option in hopes of replacing the methadone maintenance program. Unfortunately, over the past few years, officials are finding that suboxone is just as dangerous. Suboxone was originally used as an aid in helping alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms during a medical detox process. Many people do not know that this drug is actually a derivative of an opiate and that using suboxone long-term can not only lead to an addiction, but if taken in large quantities, can actually lead to an overdose.

Using suboxone to cure opioid abuse would be like smoking an e-cig to cure nicotine cravings, or smoking weed to cure alcoholism; it doesn’t work long-term. Since addiction centers in the brain, it’s important to help the addict heal from addiction by assisting them in obtaining complete abstinence. To continue on a drug like suboxone long after the detox process should be complete, is not helping the addict recover, it’s slowly killing them. The goal for an addict recovering from addiction is to be completely clean from all mind-altering addictive substances, and it is possible.

Drug Substitution and Recovery

If you are using suboxone, methadone, or naltrexone long-term, then you are simply substituting one drug addiction for another. The belief that you cannot recover from opioid addiction without the continued use of these drugs is not only false, but is killing people. There are millions of recovered addicts in the United States that have not only quit using opioids, but are entirely free of all addictive substances. Just because a greedy doctor tells their patient that this is the only way they can recover, doesn’t make it a fact. The sad truth is that many people will even want to fight this article, defending suboxone and their addiction to it, just to be “right” and to justify their use. Why continue to be a slave to any drug if you don’t need it in the first place? Addiction centers in the brain more than in the drug; if one person can recover from opioid addiction without the use of these drugs long-term, why can’t others? Wouldn’t it logically make sense to be off all mind altering addictive drugs instead of being tied to yet another addictive drug?

What is suboxone addiction treatment? If you would like to learn how you can be completely clean from suboxone and other opioids, please contact us now! There is real recovery after opioid addiction.

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