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What If I Can’t Recover From Addiction?

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what-if-i-cant-recover-from-addictionThere is so much information on the internet about addiction and yet there isn’t a lot about recovery – especially how to achieve long-term recovery. Many people who are suffering from drug abuse or alcoholism may be asking themselves, “What if I can’t recover from addiction?” This thought is even more prominent for those struggling with relapse. The good news is that people can and do recover long-term from drug addiction and alcoholism, no matter how long or what they used. Here are the facts about addiction and recovery.

What If I Can’t Recover From Addiction And Stay Sober?

Before we even get into the solution of recovering from addiction, we have to first look at a few reasons why people may continue to use despite the desire to stay clean and sober.

It’s A Shaming Disease

The disease of addiction, like AIDS once was, is a disease that the person is shamed for having. It can be difficult for addicts and alcoholics to fully recover when a significant chunk of the nation views you as a morally corrupt criminal. How do you ask for help when you know you will be judged, could lose friendships, careers, and maybe even family support? As a result, many people try to recover on their own and find it near impossible without help. This is when the “chronic relapser” is born, along with the belief that addiction is incurable.

Where Do You Go For Help?

It’s easy to get confused about where to even go or who to even ask for help when suffering from addiction. Do you see your primary care physician, a therapist, a priest – maybe all three? Each of these sources is likely to give a different answer based on their experience and personal opinion. If you are a real alcoholic or addict, where and how you get treated for the disease of addiction is actually very important. This is why we try our hardest to help others by spreading the word of recovery through addiction treatment methods and 12-Step recovery programs like AA or NA.

There Is A Solution To Addiction

In the 19 years we have been treating patients, the ones that have been most successful at staying clean and sober long-term did these three very simple things:

  1. Attended an Addiction Treatment program – detox, inpatient, outpatient, and sober living.
  2. Attended a 12-Step Program and committed to working a program of recovery.
  3. Continued to work a 12-Step Program after treatment.

It was the commitment to these three steps that guided these patients to long-term recovery.  They did the work and saw the results. And the best news is that any addict and alcoholic can, too!

Recover Today!

To learn more about The Watershed Addiction Treatment Program and what we can offer your or your loved one, please contact us at 1-800-861-1768. Every addict or alcoholic deserves the chance to recover.

If you know or have seen any illegal behaviors of a facility or sober home, please contact the Sober Homes Task Force today! We want to help save as many lives from addiction and together we can.

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