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The Watershed provides a full medical detox on-site by 24-hour nursing and paramedic staff.

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Check out the latest videos now on the WatershedRecovery Watershed Youtube Channel!

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The Watershed Experience: Learn more about what we do here and what we can offer you or your loved one.

Faces of the Watershed: Meet some of our caring professionals who make the Watershed such an amazing place.

Testimonials: See what our Alumni have to say about the Watershed as they share their treatment experience, strength, and hope.

At The Watershed we believe in recovery. We believe its important to spread the message of hope. We believe that every addict deserves the chance to be healed.

The Watershed wants to provide you with an opportunity to really heal from drug addiction and alcoholism. We not only believe that recovery works, we see it happen every day! Addiction does not discriminaten and neither does recovery, anyone can achieve sobriety if they are willing to put forth the effort.  Let us empower you to take that first step towards recovery from addition to drugs or alcohol. These videos help tell the story of recovery, the story that could be yours if you act now.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, we hope you take this opportunity to view our videos and see if the Watershed is right for you, everyone should have the chance at their Watershed moment.



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