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Yeni Sleidi Gives Out Marijuana in Seattle Naming Her The ‘Weed Fairy’

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23 year old Yeni Sleidi, Weed Fairy of Seattle, gave out what appeared to be free nickel bags of marijuana on flyers this past Memorial Day.

Weed Fairy

The Weed Fairy distributed around 50 fliers with marijuana attached to them throughout Capitol Hill. The flyer states “These are tough times take this WEED…And keep your spirits high. @danksyappleweed” Most people laughed it off; others gave some of their concerns. A few stated that they wouldn’t take drugs from an unknown source, while others said they would first have to smell it to see if the pot was good . One concern was if children got their hands on it, but being that it was in Capitol Hill, that theory was quickly dismissed by passers by.

One of the problems with this situation is not just that the girl was giving people pot, but that she was suggesting the use of drugs is a promotable method to cope with life. She was also providing an uncontrolled substance that could cause harm to a young adult or child (regardless if it’s posted around Capitol Hill verses the suburbs). This would be like attaching bottles of vodka to flyers suggesting a person get drunk because we are dealing with “tough times”. The tough time we are actually dealing with is the epidemic of drug addiction – and smoking marijuana is not going to fix that.

A Nation On Drugs

Although the Weed Fairy doesn’t seem to think she is doing anything wrong, and the police didn’t seem to care either, she could actually be adding gasoline to the fire when it comes to drug abuse in our nation. It should not be normal to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, shoot heroin, inhale crack, or pop pills to “cope with life.” If this is how we are handling life’s trials and tribulations, then mental health treatment options are in desperate need.  As adults, by these actions, we are just telling our youth that when you can’t deal, just do drugs.

We understand that most people don’t think weed is a big deal, but for those of us who have been in the field of drug addiction and alcoholism, we have seen the devastating effects of what all drugs can do. Drug addiction in the United States is not only a growing problem, but it’s affect the person using, their families, and society as whole. We need to start finding healthier ways to handle life and live free from these kinds of coping skills.

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