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Watershed Meets Joint Commission Performace Standards for Over 12 Years

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Delray Beach, FL October 12, 2010 — The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, a leader in the field of addiction treatment employs evidence-based, multi-disciplinary methodologies and modalities in their detoxification, intensive in-patient, and out-patient extended care programs.  The Watershed is pleased to announce the attainment of twelve continuous years of accreditation from the Joint Commission, a nationwide healthcare certification and accrediting body.

The Joint Commission is a not for profit organization that certifies and accredits medical programs, hospitals, and behavioral health care facilities.  In a sense, Joint Commission standards set the bar for alcohol and drug rehab treatment programs, like The Watershed.  The Joint Commission certification guarantees that as an addiction treatment program grows and treats more individuals, they do not let up on safety and the highest quality of care.

Once a behavioral health care facility achieves an accreditation award, they must demonstrate the ability to maintain the official recognition.  The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs retains accreditation through meeting the Joint Commission’s expectations by successfully completing the on-site survey every three years.

An on-site survey at an addiction treatment facility consists of an evaluation from the Joint Commission evaluating compliance with substance abuse treatment and detoxification standards of care.  Joint Commission surveys for behavioral health and opioid treatment are interactive and thorough, taking place for approximately one week.

The purpose of the survey is not only to assess the behavioral health care program, but to provide direction, as well as to educate the program’s medical staff, and to continue to improve the health care organization’s performance. This survey procedure evaluates services or treatments offered by observing the entire treatment process from admission to discharge, and examining key operational methods that directly affects their safety and the quality of the treatment experience.

This tailored survey process provides the public with a guarantee that all of the services delivered under the backing of an accredited addiction treatment program, like The Watershed, have been evaluated and demonstrate the highest level of care.

“Joint Commission’s on-site survey is a vital component t to The Watershed’s unprecedented level of care,” said Christopher Crosby, CEO of Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc.  “This intensive process aids us in looking at our treatment services from the patients’ perspective, and gives us a set of industry standards to go above and beyond in treating every individual who walks through our doors.”

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