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Wahh: A New Alcohol Spray Ready To Hit The Market This Summer

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As if there weren’t enough choices to help you get drunk already. Now, a new product is ready to hit the US market with the promise of giving its users an instant buzz. “Wahh” is the newest craze in alcohol consumption. It is basically a breath spray that people use to get a brief drunken feeling. David Edwards, the Harvard professor that invented and patented inhalable caffeine and chocolate that you can smoke, is the inventor of Wahh alcohol spray and believes that his product will be able to carve out a nice niche for itself in our booze fueled society.

Alcohol Spray Coming Soon

Wahh is scheduled for release in the United States early this summer, hitting the market right in time for the most alcohol fueled months of the year. This new, inhalable alcohol is designed to deliver a vodka flavored burst of alcohol that can make a person feel almost instantly drunk. However, unlike regular alcohol consumption effects this spray only leaves a person feeling intoxicated for a few moments.


A canister of Wahh alcohol spray will cost customers who are curious about such a product $26. It is preloaded with about 25 puffs which deliver just .075 milliliters of vaporized alcohol a puff. That amount of alcohol is equal to 1/1000th of a shot of liquor. However, because the alcohol is delivered in the form of vapor, it tricks a person’s brain into thinking that it is much more intoxicated than it really is. This leaves the individual with a very real, yet fleeting, feeling of being drunk.


The spray is marketed to be used on food, and not meant to be ingested directly. However, everyone knows that most people will probably use the product for the latter. Do you think young people would be more likely to spray this directly into their mouths to catch a buzz, or spray a shot of vodka flavored vapor on their turkey sandwich? The company that produces Wahh swears that they are not selling instant inebriation to people. However, isn’t that exactly what they are doing?

This spray is especially dangerous for individuals who already suffer from an addiction to alcohol. It would be very easy for alcoholics to reason with themselves that this product is not harmful or dangerous for them, because of the relatively low amount of alcohol that is being put in their system. However, it could become a gateway for people to relapse into a full blown alcohol addiction. Also, this product is going to be extremely popular with young people across the country on college campuses. Becoming instantly drunk with one spray is surely going to appeal to people who do not like consuming a large amount of drinks. You can expect to see reports in the coming months of people in poison control centers for abusing this spray. What is to stop a naïve individual from consuming the entire bottle in one sitting? What type of effect would this have on a person’s health, both in the short term and down the road? It is vital that anyone who has previously had a problem with alcohol does not see this new product as a way for them to get drunk without any consequences. If you know someone that is struggling with alcoholism, it is imperative that they seek medical intervention at a residential rehab facility.

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