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Viral Drunk Driver Video Of A Man Learning He Just Hurt Someone

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Viral Drunk Driver VideoRicardo Gardea was driving intoxicated when he collided into the back-end of a Jeep, causing the vehicle to catch fire in 2015 in Denver, CO. Two young men were in the car – Sebastian Evridge (driver) and his passenger Steven Hughes, 21. This viral drunk driver video is now trending, raising some serious awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.


A total of six cars were involved in the firey accident. Sebastian Evridge later died from his injuries and Hughes had at least 45% of his body burned.  Gardea couldn’t recall what happened, but the video speaks for itself when he finds out what he has done.

Gardea fled from the accident scene, but police arrested him after he attempted to get away by breaking into a home. When detectives pushed him for answers after the accident he only replied with, “I don’t remember dude, I don’t remember what I did, what I’m (in) trouble for? What happened man?”

After explaining what had happened, he was asked if he had anything to say to the victims. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to be so irresponsible. I didn’t mean to be so irresponsible. I’m sorry,” Gardea cried.

Steven Hughes has recovered, but will always have the memories and burns of that tragic night to remind him of the devastation of a drunk driver’s fatal mistake. Today, his primary purpose is his brand new 5 month old baby girl.

“My baby, [is the] light of my life,” he said to KUSA 9 news. “Right now I’m just going to be the best I can for the rest of her life, to me that’s good enough. That brings me so much joy.”

Ricardo Gardea was sentenced to 24 years in prison, giving him plenty of time to reflect on his actions. The video has now gone viral as a warning to others.

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