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Veteran’s Drug Courts

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Continuing on a brief summary of drug-courts and their rehabilitative benefits, individually and societally, an increasingly attractive sub-genre, the Veteran’s Drug Courts, have emerged as effective programs of help for our nation’s servicemen and women. Unfortunately, the system is still somewhat deficient. The deciding factor of residency over vicinage is a policy that needs revamping to help those veterans dealing with drug abuse and addiction post military service.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

A recent story of an Afghanistan tour veteran who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and subsequently alcohol abuse to cope with the scars of combat. After attacking a fellow veteran in a V.A. hospital, the former marine, Seth Kroll, was able to avoid a prolonged jail sentence in lieu of a program of work-release jail time and home monitoring. The geographic logistic of his residence prevented Kroll from taking advantage of nearby a Veteran’s Drug Court in Minneapolis, thus protracting Kroll’s struggle with alcohol, though he did eventually find alcohol and PTSD treatment help through his lawyer.

Addicted Veteran’s Drug Courts

The civilian Drug Courts’ success is a huge motivator for Veteran’s Drug Courts to include more locals, or relaxing the distance restraints in order to be effective and helpful. This should be a high priority, as those men and women surrendered certain personal freedoms in order to serve and protect the rest of the nations’, come out of combat and war zones mentally, physically, and psychologically fatigued and disoriented. Whatever partisan opinion exists of foreign military service, the fact is the political wrangling over policy sometimes overshadows the need for a positive and pragmatic integration of those who served back into civilian life, even with all the adverse baggage they can bring back.

A variety of different personalities and voices have been advocating an expansion of the Veteran’s Drug Courts. Accounts of the successes of Veteran’s Drug Courts are growing, and hopefully more and more people who have so selflessly served abroad will be able to get the help at an addiction treatment center themselves here on the home front. They carry twofold scars; the ones endured in combat and those inflicted trying to mollify the initial scars.

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