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Steve Sarkisian: USC Coach Fired For Alcohol-Fueled Rant

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USC coach fired only five games into the college football season as the result of an alcohol-fueled outburst.

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USC Coach Fired

Steve Sarkisian, (now former) USC Head Coach, was fired Monday following his bizzare, slurred, and profanity-laced speech to Trojans fans at the Salute the Troy event in August. The speech was reportedly so bad that Pat Haden, USC Athletic Director, had to physically remove him from the stage. As a result, Haden made the decision to terminate Sarkisian and released this official statement:

“After careful consideration of what is in the best interest of the university and our student-athletes, I have made the decision to terminate Steve Sarkisian, effective immediately. I want to thank Clay Helton for stepping into the interim head coach role, and I want to add how proud I am of our coaching staff and players and the way they are responding to this difficult situation. Through all of this we remain concerned for Steve and hope that it will give him the opportunity to focus on his personal well-being.”

Additional accounts have surfaced, indicating that this is not the first time coach Sarkisian has shown up intoxicated around team members and fans.

Since this was not the first time that Steve Sarkisian was seen having an issue with alcohol abuse, and after an unexplained leave of absence before being fired from USC, we wonder -was any form of treatment offered to the coach prior to his termination? If Sarkisian is suffering from the disease of alcoholism, then treatment at an alcohol rehabilitation center is extremely important in combating his alcohol problem.

It’s becoming even more apparent that alcoholism and drug addiction need to be addressed in sports. Whereas firing Sarkisian for his drunken behavior will protect the public interests of USC’s football team, it will most likely not drive him to immediately seek treatment. It also might prevent others in the football community from reaching out for help for their substance abuse problem. Who would want to ask for help when everyone would rather judge you for having a moral issue, rather than recognize the disease?

The Disease Of Alcoholism Does Not Discriminate

Many people who are suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction try to “fix” the problem on their own. Alcoholism is cunning, baffling, and powerful in that it makes a person crave and obsess over more whether they consume it or not. Usually the only reprieve from the physical craving and mental obsession is to consume more liquor. The problem is that since alcoholism is a progressive and chronic brain disease, the solution of consuming more alcohol continues the vicious cycle of uncontrollable alcoholism. Unless there is help for the alcoholic, little can be done for their recovery.

We know that alcoholism is a disease and that no person should be judge for their illness. If you, or someone you love, are suffering from the sickness of alcoholism, please call us now! There is hope, and we do recover.

24/7 Alcohol Abuse Helpline: 1-800-861-1768

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