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Ultra Music Festival: Drugs, Music, & Relapse! Oh My!

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Ultra Music Festival opens this weekend in Miami and is one of the largest music festivals in the United States. As many as 165,000 people worldwide will be attendance at Ultra. Deadmau5, Bassnecter, Tiesto, Kaskade, Skrillex are just some of the more popular bands showcasing their talents. Many different types of people will be there too, including those in active addiction and those in recovery who want to party sober. Just because you’re clean and sober and in early recovery, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at a raging, boozing, drug infested concert, right?

Ultra Drug Arrests & Drug Related Injuries

In 2012, more than 15 people were arrested and about 60 people were injured in just the second day at Ultra Music Festival. Lt. Ignatius Carroll of the Miami Fire-Rescue was reported stating that most of the incidents were drug –related, including overdoses. This year may prove to be a little more chaotic because the event was approved for two weekends instead of its usual 3 day bender.

When concerts last long hours and days, many partiers find themselves weak, dehydrated, and worn out. These affects can take a toll on a person’s health even without using or drinking, so naturally including drugs and alcohol may lead to health complications, serious injury, or even death.

I Just Want To Have Fun In Sobriety!

Having fun in sobriety is important, most addicts and alcoholics do not get sober because they are done having fun, they got sober because drinking and drugging wasn’t fun anymore. Influences in early recovery, like Ultra Music Festival, may actually trigger a desire to pick up a drink or a drug. Most of the time the addict or alcoholic, in early recovery, is not going to this concert with a strong support group. They are going with their friends from a half-way house or in the rooms who usually have around the same amount of sober time and not a strong program of recovery yet.

Party Sober

This year, we encourage many addicts and alcoholics in early recovery to maybe think twice about attending an event such as Ultra Music Festival. Intentions may be to party sober, but with a concert that thrives on ravers, drug dealers, and major partiers, the temptation to party sober solo may not actually happen. Ground pumping music, exciting styles, and the emotional and physical draw that the event will surely display, could potentially lead many addicts and alcoholics to relapse. Unaware of how the disease of addiction truly works, many addicts/alcoholics really believe they can handle it. Without a strong foundation in recovery, the idea of “maybe it will be different, “or “just this once,” can and will play a stronger role than willpower.

Sometimes we have to do what is right rather than what is wanted; we have to put recovery first. We suggest talking with others in the fellowship that have some time under their belt, talking with your sponsor, talking with those in the industry, and asking them what they would suggest. If more than just a few believe this is not a good idea, you may want to double check your actions. Ultra Music Festival may be a party of a life time, but that life time for an addict or alcoholic may only last this event.

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Written By: Watershed Ashling

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