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UFC Drug Testing: Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva Test Positive

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ufc-drug-testingThis was a rough week for UFC drug testing.  Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz fought one another in the octagon Saturday, but they also both failed their recent drug screenings.

UFC Drug Testing

Fighter Nick Diaz was found to have marijuana in his system after a drug test was conducted this past weekend. UFC rules and regulations are strict in regards to the abuse of any illegal substances, including any type of performance enhancing or mind-altering illicit drugs.  Diaz is subject to a serious penalty, as he violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy and Promotional Agreement. His punishment will officially be determined by the UFC Commission during a disciplinary case that is set for February 17.

Despite his comeback victory over Diaz, Anderson Silva turned up positive after UFC drug testing as well.  Silva had drostanolone metabolites appear on his screening, although the professional fighter denied having done any type of steroids.  Silva’s medical counsel, Dr. Tannure, stated that “Anderson [was] disappointed, upset because he didn’t use steroids.  He believes the only explanation is a contamination or a mistake from the lab. He told me: ‘I have an impeccable career history and I wouldn’t want to tarnish my image.'” Ironically, in October 2014, Silva had very publicly addressed the use of steroids in UFC fighting, insisting that those who are caught using them be banned from all future fights, due to their addictive nature and likelihood of further abuse.

Sports and drug use

Whether Silva’s test was conclusive or not, hopefully the results of Diaz and Silva’s UFC drug test screenings will show the public that drug abuse can affect anyone. This also posses the question: maybe stricter policies and treatment options might need to be put into place?  Only time will reveal what will happen to Diaz regarding his situation in February.  Silva will also have to wait for further action regarding his drug screening, at which time he will be able to address or clear up the allegations over his steroid use.

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