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Top 10 Sober Celebrities In Recovery

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At some level and at some time, all of us aspire for fame, fortune or even both. What gets lost in this pursuit is the rising level of responsibility commensurate with the elevation of fame and fortune. It is a well known fact that celebrities (actors, actresses and musicians in particular) are often in the media crosshairs for their hard-partying and celebratory habits (the recent tribulations of Lindsay Lohan is a good example). Standing on this side of the camera, it is easy to feel alienated from such a glamourous lifestyle lived to excess. The reality is though there may seem to be a wide chasm between average and extraordinary, these celebrities are just as susceptible to drug addictions and alcoholism as the next person. We are not alone! Humans are humans and are prone to struggle with very similar issues, whatever job or vocation they might have. These celebrities in recovery offer us encouragement because they are fighting the same battles that we did who also struggle and struggled with substance abuse.

Martin Sheen

Patriarch of a prolific acting family Sheen is known for his roles as the president in the West Wing TV series as well as starring in the Vietnam War thriller Apocalypse Now. Off screen, Martin Sheen is one of many celebrities in recovery; the former alcoholic is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Though he credits his religion with helping him get clean and sober, he joined AA to help his son Charlie with his addictions.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The original Halloween star, Curtis struggled mightily with prescription pain medicine after surgery at the age of 35; Curtis says recovery is the greatest accomplishment of her life, beating alcoholism as well.

Robert Downey Jr.

After multiple drug arrests and altercations early in his career, Downey Jr. has had a recent resurgence in acting in critically acclaimed movies, and has reportedly been sober since 2001. The Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man star credits his wife’s support as crucial in his recovery.

Kelly Osbourne

The reality TV starlet and former contestant on Dancing With The Stars was reportedly using 50 Vicodin pills a day by the time she was 17. Now 26, Osbourne has successful rehab experience and believes her recovery to be a second chance at life. Osbourne is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourn, one of many high profile celebrities in recovery.

Tom Sizemore

The bad boy actor, famous for starring alongside Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan, Sizemore had unfortunately been the focus of negative publicity for his recurring drug and alcohol problems. He has now been reportedly sober for a year, and credits Dr. Drew Pinsky and time on the reality TV show, Celebrity Rehab, as instrumental in his recovery.

Melissa Gilbert

Famous for her role as Laura Ingalls Wilder on the TV series Little House On The Prairie, airing from the mid-1970’s to the early 1980’s. Gilbert went through a rough patch in her late ‘30s and drank heavily, sometimes up to two bottles of wine a night. Gilbert maintains her sobriety now and publically talks about her own past in order to help those struggling.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is another one of the music celebrities in recovery. the iconic front man of the band Aerosmith was the prototypical hard-partying rock and roller, and a successful music career collided with multiple trips to rehab and health problems. Tyler has been sober for the last few years, crediting his family, children, grandchild and his new job as judge on American Idol as preventatives to his addictions.

Ozzy Osbourne

A scion of 20th century rock and roll, Osbourne has become a heavy metal institution known for Black Sabbath, his musical inventiveness and chaotic lifestyle. After 40 years plus of heavy alcoholism and drug abuse, Osbourne has reportedly been sober for the last six years.

Kristen Johnston

Johnston starred in the hit TV series Third Rock From The Sun and now in the show The Exes. The actress had been abusing alcohol and prescription pain meds for years, but when surgery caused more extreme abuse, Johnston sought out treatment and has been sober ever since. She now publically supports recovery efforts and speaks out against addiciton.


Daredevil, stuntman, extreme prankster, Steve-O helped propel fraternity-ish antics to multi-million dollar success in the Jackass TV and movie franchises. Along with the stunts, Steve-O also partied just as hard with alcohol and drugs. Steve-O recently came clean, though, and speaks publically about the dangers of addiction.

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