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‘Tis The Season To Get Sober for Addicts and Alcoholics

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‘Tis the season to get sober!  After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year.  What greater present to give yourself than the gift of long-term sobriety?  This season, you can take initiative by following through with the commitment to treat yourself to a better way of life.  As a result, you may eventually see how positively it affects those that surround you in your life, when you move forward by making this diligent decision to get sober.

Get Sober Now, Not After the Holiday

Addicts and alcoholics can be fervent in procrastination, but  prolonging treatment until after the holidays could mean the difference between life and death.  Addiction and alcohol/drug abuse issues are potentially life threatening illnesses that pose a real risk to your health daily.  The stigma behind the disease is that the individual can wait, which is why some families will enable their loved ones by encouraging them to stay home over the holiday and wait until afterward to seek help.  They don’t realize that the time won’t be authentic because the addict and/or alcoholic won’t truly be present.  When in active addiction, they are suffering from an actual disease that keeps them from living their life, and even though they are physically there, they aren’t genuinely aware.

Recovering Over the Holidays

When you make the decision to get sober over the holidays, it can be overwhelming.  Try not to become too consumed in the nitty gritty details and trust the process.  You might miss out on some traditions that you normally would have taken part in this holiday season, but just think how many more holidays you will be able to have sober if you do this for yourself now.  By trading in this one holiday and giving up substances, you get back a world of significant treasures.  Try to remind yourself that you won’t be in treatment forever and that the stay is only temporary.  If a cancer patient needed chemotherapy or a diabetic needed their insulin shot, they wouldn’t put off receiving their course of treatment. As a sick and suffering addict and/or alcoholic, you shouldn’t wait to treat your addiction and/or alcoholism.

With excessive spending and family gatherings due to the holidays on their way, there is enough stress in the air as it is.  The thought of how to get sober and stay that way might have crossed your mind.  If it has, then don’t wait until after the holidays to seek treatment.  Addiction is a demanding disease that cannot wait to be treated.  Don’t set it aside and allow it to escalate to take your life.  You deserve to be free to enjoy the holidays every year without battling a chronic brain disease of the body and mind.

If you’re unsure of where to seek treatment, contact The Watershed because addiction is understood for the severe illness that it is and recovery is shown as the possibility you can ascertain.

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