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T’is The Season To Be Drunk?

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With the holiday season being fully under way, there are number of opportunities for alcoholics to take advantage of the steady flow booze at office parties, family gatherings, as well as any other festivities that might take place. This is the time of year that getting drunk becomes socially acceptable, and for some people, wouldn’t be the same without it. Many who wouldn’t regularly drink might join in the holiday cheer with a few, and active alcoholics will indulge without feeling the judging eyes of sober peers. But the real dilemma comes to those that are currently recovering from addiction to alcohol, and are constantly confronted with the opportunity to drink and relapse. Here are some ways to identify whether or not alcohol is sucking the fun out of your holiday season.

Drunk Season

Drinking To Manage Holiday Stress

For some, the holidays are not all pretty lights and warm evenings cuddled up by the fire with a cup of eggnog. This time of year can be a serious cause of stress with all the money that will likely be spent and the plans that have to be made and carried out. Many people don’t have the good fortune to have family to spend it with, making this a time of great depression and loneliness. Mustering up the gumption to face all that goes on, alcohol might seem like the perfect coping mechanism. But if drinking becomes the focus of festivities, then you may want to think again. Alcohol is a depressant that can only get you through for a limited amount of time. The light headed feeling that helps you escape your problems will soon turn into a catalyst for stress.

Family Gatherings Get Awkward

It seems like many people these days will admit that they have a family member that is the token drunk during family holiday get-togethers. They are the ones that are like a time bomb who are always expected to make an evening turn for the worst, or at least cause some unwanted awkwardness. That may not be you regularly, but make no mistake about it; your family will notice when you have had too many. Instead of going through the hardship of being drunk in-cognito and run the risk of disappointing relatives, you may start to withdraw from attending these kinds of functions all together. If you begin to spend more time planning your days around drinking, or spend more time recovering from a hangover than with loved ones, then you may be making alcohol an unhealthy priority.

Drinking Just Because T’is The Season

We know that it is a cop out for alcoholics to use certain events as an excuse to drink excessively, but it is not strange for people that do not typically drink to raise a few glasses to this joyous season. The negative effect is that this cultural norm can work to make true alcoholics go undetected. With New Years just around the corner, people make promises to themselves and others that they will “slow it down” as their resolution; but with an addiction that has been well fed for the last few months is simply not a reality.

We must remember that alcohol is a drug that is misused all year round. Just because there is a atmosphere of cheer that spreads far and wide, does not mean that the perils of drunkenness lose their danger. The season that is upon us still can be stained by drunk driving, job loss, ruined relationships, and even the development of an addiction. Family and friends should keep an eye out for loved ones that may have an alcohol addiction and find help as soon as possible so that the holidays stay happy.   

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