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This Is Not Addiction Treatment

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the-watershed-rehab-centerThere has been a lot of talk in the news lately about insurance fraud, patient brokering, prostitution, drug overdose deaths, and arrests in the addiction treatment industry – in many cases, specifically focused around South Florida. We here at The Watershed feel it is important to know that this is not a representation of the recovery community or the addiction treatment field as a whole. These are sick individuals who found a way to scam a broken system and make money. Florida has gotten a bad reputation because of these fraudulent acts, and it is time we set the record straight with three very important points.

The Watershed: In Defense Of Addiction Treatment

  1. Just because some of these people declare themselves recovered addicts, does not mean they represent our recovery community. We are just as upset as you to see these people take advantage of the sick and suffering – especially in our own backyard.
  2. Not all drug rehab programs and sober homes are bad, but these bad programs were able to start because there weren’t strong enough regulations and laws to prevent them. They were able to create a business with no accountability and we hope officials will now make sure these fraudulent acts will never be able to happen again.
  3. In defense of addiction treatment, there are reputable centers like The Watershed have been caring for addicts and alcoholics for many years. In fact, The Watershed has been open since 1998 and holds multiple accreditations and certifications that support our professional and legal ability treat those suffering from addiction.

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We Are United

For those of us in the recovery community and/or who work for a good treatment center, these recent arrests over the past year have brought great relief in knowing that justice is being served and our fellow addicts and alcoholics won’t be taken advantage of any more. We really want to make sure that you understand that there are a lot of us in recovery who are good people, who have attended good programs, and who have successfully stayed sober long-term here in South Florida. Please do not let the actions of these bad people deter you from believing in treatment and our recovery community, because treatment and the 12-step fellowships do work.

If you are a good person in recovery or if you work for a good treatment center, we here at The Watershed want to thank you for your service. Keep doing what you are doing and together we will help not only save our community from this destruction, but we will help save lives.

If you would like to report a bad sober home or suspect a person may be engaging in illegal activity as it pertains to the addiction treatment field, please contact the Sober Homes Task Force now. Your voice matters.

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