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The Watershed Staff: We Understand Addiction

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Every person suffering from the disease of addiction deserves the chance at treatment. It’s common for addicts and alcoholics to think twice about seeking treatment because of fears associated with the idea of withdrawals in detox, disappointing loved ones, and even the fear of failing and relapsing. The Watershed understands these fears, which is why we feel it's important to walk with you every step of the way. Many of our employees are not only recovered addicts and alcoholic, but many of them have also been through our treatment program.

The important focus for any addict or alcoholic seeking treatment should be on themselves and their healing process. We at The Watershed work hard to ensure that all your focus can maintain on your program of recovery. Addiction treatment works if you are willing to go through the process and allow it to work for you. There is no limit on where you can go and how amazing your life will become, but you have to take that first step.

The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. Many people go on suffering in addiction far longer than needed. Many addicts and alcoholics could and would get the help they want if they knew that real help was available. If you have similar concerns, you should know The Watershed not only understands, but can help.

At The Watershed, you will be in the care of experienced professionals; as well staff who have also recovered from addiction with the help of our treatment programs. We are determined to help you reach the same opportunity at recovery. No matter where you have been, we are here to walk alongside you, and give you the support you need to live the life you deserve.

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