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The Watershed Serves Community With Holiday Fundraisers

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The Watershed is not only dedicated to helping rebuild lives from alcohol and drug addiction, but also to help those suffering in other ways by giving back to the community. One way The Watershed helps others is by joining together with the S.O.S Children’s Village in Coconut Creek, Florida. We had the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season by spending a great day with the 75 boys and girls of this successful foster program; we brought presents, played games, feasted on great food, and even welcomed a visit from Santa!

It was a huge privilege and honor to be able to help raise funds for local needs right here in South Florida. This year's Holiday Food Drive gathered donations to assist the S.O.S Children's Village, the Keith Straghn Memorial Foundation and the C.R.O.S. Ministries/Caring Kitchen to provide meals to over 4,500 families locally. In addition to our annual "adoption" of a Holiday family (this year was a family of 5!), this year's gift card collection fundraiser was donated to 60 homeless children.

Watershed employees get to share in the Holiday spirit  by participating in a variety of tasty ways to raise money and help those in the community. In the last month, The Watershed had a huge bake sale hosted by our HR department, a spaghetti lunch, a chili lunch, and raffles held by our business office staff, including a homemade breakfast crafted by culinary artisan and CFO, Patrick K.

The Watershed is an addiction treatment center that strives to provide the best care and support to those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, but we also strive to help those who have been affected by any life circumstance out of their control. Our dedicated employees here strive to work hard and get people who suffer with substance abuse the help they need. Our passion here is to help people escape the grip of addictions and also those affected by them as well. We are so thrilled to tangibly support charities and organizations that do so much for families in our community throughout the Holidays.

We believe it’s important to take care of the community we live in, which is why we feel it’s important to try and help those less fortunate, clean up our streets, and give hope where many feel hopeless. We are a family, the Watershed family, and we are grateful to our employees, community, alumni, and their families. Together we help those who suffer from addiction find the help they deserve. If you are struggling with addiction or your loved one is, please give us a call, you don’t have to do this alone 1-800-861-1768.

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