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The Watershed Halfway House: TWA Helps Clean Up the Streets

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In recent years, The Watershed has proudly taken the initiative to clean up the neighborhoods surrounding our Apartment (TWA) and Residence (TWR) complexes in Lake Worth, Florida. The Watershed feels a responsibility not just to our patients, but to the surrounding neighborhoods, to provide a safe and beautiful environment for all.

TWA & TWR Halfway House

To date, our staff at TWA and TWR has dedicated many hours of labor, resulting in the clean up of 4 acres of neighborhood property. Our maintenance crew takes on many tasks during clean-up, to include repairing fences, trimming shrubs, removing large amounts of accumulated dirt and sand, restoring road width, replacing berms, cleaning storm drains, and trimming trees.

Many of our neighbors have expressed their appreciation for our efforts, and we feel grateful to be in a position that allows us to give back to our community! We are proud to be able to call South Florida our home and we are excited to continue to grow the Watershed Halfway House, TWA and TWR, as well as grow with the community.

Introducing TWR: The Watershed Residence

Recently, The Watershed expanded its continuum of care with the new addition of The Watershed Residence, commonly known as TWR. The Watershed Residence is 

the next step for our patients after completing the day treatment program while living at The Watershed Apartments (TWA).

While residing at The Watershed Residence, our patients are provided with evening treatment at our facilities and scheduled 12 step recovery meetings. During the day there is more freedom and independence to go to work, volunteer, or attend school or vocational training.

The Watershed Residence is fully equipped with all of the amenities to make our patients feel at home. Amenities include a private pool, on-site laundry, gym, a computer lab, and flat screen televisions in each apartment. Scheduled events provided by The Watershed Alumni Department bring the sober living community closer while building supportive networks.

Our patients are able to participate in life enrichment classes, vocational services, fellowship, and other venues of support which provide the best in holistic services, preparing them for successful independent living and life-long recovery. 

The Watershed Experience

One of the best parts of recovery is being able to give back, and we feel fortunate to be able to do just that. It is our mission to ensure the Watershed Experience is a great one; we strive to provide excellent care and environments that are clean, safe, and comfortable for our patients.

Keep an eye out in the Fall, as you may see our crew out and about, cleaning up and helping out. At The Watershed, we believe in making a difference in our community and that starts with us!


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