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The Watershed Career Program: Get A Job In Recovery

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Many addicts and alcoholics who are ready to get treatment for their drug addiction or alcoholism may become discouraged by the thought of having to rebuild their lives. At The Watershed, we understand that strong recovery outside treatment depends significantly on our patients' preparedness for independent sober living. That is why we invite our patients to take part in our unique Career Development Services program, where we provide the tools they need to help build an even stronger foundation for long term recovery. We help cultivate skills and build resumes, obtain employment or education, and work with our surrounding community to assist both our patients and employers.

Get A Job In Recovery

The Watershed believes there is more to recovery than just not using drugs or alcohol. We want to help our patients not only get clean and sober, but rebuild their lives so that they can really apply the theraputic tools, knowledge, and coping sills they learned in treatment into real life situations. Our Career Development program is on-site and has become an intricate part in our patient’s continuum of care plan here at The Watershed. Our in-depth program incorporates a 2-step process for getting a job or going back to school. Every patient has the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with a Career Development Specialist for further support and guidance. Phase 1 patients meet as a group to discuss job objectives, resume writing, interviews skills, and more. In phase 2, patients participate in theraputic groups and discuss workplace related stressors, fears, and how to handle both.

The Watershed Residence

Each patient is given access to our private online recovery community web site, Through this site, residents are given frequently updated information and resources like what new events are being held at The Watershed, new job listings, and much more. We want to ensure that our patients have the opportunity to have their Watershed moment and implement what they have learned with us, in their daily life. We understand the fears associated with getting back on your feet, or just starting to build your life for the first time.  We not only want you to be sucessful at staying clean and sober, but we want to give you the opportunity to continue your sucess beyond the basics. We care about and believe in our patients that much!

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