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The Sober Rave: Morning Gloryville

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A very cool movement that started in London is taking the world by storm, one glorious morning at a time. The concept is called Morning Gloryville, a sober rave, and it shines a brand new light on the dance club scene.

Sober Rave

The concept

While “sober” often gets unfairly associated with the mundane, Morning Gloryville definitely breaks that mold. A mixed crowd of early risers starts their day alongside an ensemble of invigorating music, healthy breakfast fare, lots of dancing and an air of clearheaded, sober joy.

Morning Gloryville events are held once a month. They start at 6:30 a.m. and run through 10:30 a.m., offering those with work schedules an opportunity to get in on the action before heading to the office. They provide a slew of refreshments, including juice, coffee and “superfood smoothies,” as well as free massages.

Morning Gloryville debuted in London in May 2013, a vision of events producer Samantha Moyo and bodywork therapist Nico Thoemmes. They came up with the concept together, based on what they called a “passion for conscious clubbing, social change and good times.”

A global movement

In August 2014, NPR’s Ari Shapiro wrote a piece on the growing trend, dubbing it “a sober sunrise rave.” In the article, Shapiro interviewed several sober rave attendees, including the event’s founder, Sam Moyo.

Talking about her partying past, Moyo said the event was really the kick-start to a lifestyle change. “I’d be partying for days on end,” said Moyo. “To be honest, on a mental and emotional level, it wasn’t doing me that good.” So, she came up with something that could do her (and lots others) good. As Ari Shapiro put it, Morning Gloryville “was an attempt to capture the joy of clubbing, without the messiness.” A clean start to the day makes a great morning, indeed.

Since Moyo and team launched in London in 2013, Morning Gloryville events have popped up around the globe, including New York, Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Sydney and more.

The sober life

Living a life of sobriety isn’t about stripping yourself of joy. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite; it’s about finding joy in your life that can’t be found within the chokeholds of drug and alcohol abuse. Morning Gloryville is a perfect example of the kind of happy healthiness that can happen in a sober lifestyle.

If you are ready to access clean, sober joy in your own life, or if you’re seeking solutions for a loved one, The Watershed is here to help. Call our hotline any time: 1-800-861-1768.

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