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The Shatterproof Challenge: Raising Awareness About Addiction

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shatterproof challange

Shatterproof is an organization founded with the mission to spread awareness of the stigma held against addiction, and protect sufferers of the disease by raising funds for treatment and prevention.  Minimizing the stigma and disassociating feelings of shame from the disease can play a critical role for individuals who are recovering.

The Shatterproof Challenge

The Shatterproof Challenge, which is a series of events created to help raise money and awareness, allows individuals to repel themselves off the side of a high story building, representing what is known as “rock bottom” for the addict and alcoholic in active addiction.

“Drugs and alcohol can shatter lives and families like nearly nothing else can,” emphasized Gary Mendell, the creator of Shatterproof.  Mendell understands how a family’s life can drastically be altered and impaired as a result of addiction.  His son, Brian, suffered from anxiety, ADD, and drug addiction most of his life. Brian was 13 months clean when he took his own life in October 2011 at the young age of 25 years old.  A devastating action like this demonstrates how active addiction and the aftermath of addiction affects more than the sufferer alone, and impacts the entire family as a whole.

In memory of his son, Mendell organized Shatterproof with the hope of saving others from experiencing the same suffering he has endured as a result of addiction.  “…It intensifies in me with the knowledge that my son died of a disease that is preventable, but that we do not prevent; that is treatable, but that we do not treat; that is undeniable, but that we continually deny.”

The Shatterproof organization strives to increase awareness of addiction, diminishing denial of the disease.  Initiatives like The Shatterproof Challenge can help to reinforce this awareness by breaking the stigma of addiction and bring to light the severity of the illness.

Shatterproof Challenge Helps Save Lives

The Shatterproof Challenge is a series of scheduled events in select cities throughout the country where participants will have the opportunity to face their fears by rappelling in a special harness, down the side of a high rise building in honor of advocating awareness about the disease of addiction.  By doing this, people can come together in unity to decrease society’s negative views and break the stigma of addiction.  Events like The Shatterproof Challenge can also assist addiction research funding, which allows for better treatment and preventative measures.  The registration cost for the challenge is $55, along with a personal commitment to raise a minimum of $1,000 by the date of their event.

Rappelling off the top of a building in The Shatterproof Challenge is representational of how alcoholics and addicts can hit their rock bottoms in active addiction and/or how an individual may have had to watch as a loved one endured painful consequences of their ailment.  Addiction is a debilitating disease that can rob sufferers of their happiness, pleasure, freedom, and ultimately, sanity.  Facing fears becomes a vital aspect of recovering from addiction to combat their disease and seek true freedom.

Check out the photos from The Shatterproof Challenge in West Palm Beach held on April 4, 2015 where over 50 people propelled off the 18-story City Place Tower by clicking here!

Check out the photos from The Shatterproof Challenge in Miami held on April 2, 2015 where over 50 people dove off the 24-story Hyatt Regency Miami by clicking here!

Don’t forget to pre-register for The Shatterproof Challenge 2016 in a location near you by clicking here!

Are you in caught in the cycle of active addiction to alcohol and/or drugs but unsure where to turn?  Contact The Watershed for help now.  Remember hope is never so lost it cannot be found, so call now at 1-800-861-1768 because your life is worth it.

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