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The John McAfee Bath Salts Murder Mystery

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A few days ago, the technological, forensic and drug world all collided together in what is trending as the strange but intriguing John McAfee bath salts murder mystery. With a plot line that only substantiates that truth is at least as strange, if not stranger than fiction, this bizarre story is indeed documented in an ongoing investigation. The scene of our drama is of course in an exotic and international setting, the small Central American country of Belize.

Anti-Virus Software Pioneer Infected?

McAfee pioneered PC anti-virus software in the 1990’s, and the name is ubiquitously associated with discarded CD-ROM boxes that litter the server rooms of small start up companies and large corporations alike. Fast forward almost 20 years, and now McAfee is an expatriate living in Belize, documenting endeavors to “purify psychoactive drugs” procured from the internet, the most popular apparently being MDPV, more commonly known as bath salts. Trying to give a context is difficult, but not surprising since the drug itself is so erratic and unstable. The John McAfee bath salts story is one where McAfee lives in Belize, associates with various elements of the drug and crime community in order to experiment with narcotics that completely unhinges a person’s psyche and semblance of reality. The chemically synthesized substance, known as bath salts, is said to be responsible for various violent and volatile behaviors in the United States; it is not shocking to hear that it is associated with a murder mystery in Belize.

One of the software pioneer’s neighbors, Gregory Faull, had lodged recent complaints against McAfee citing “roughish behavior.” This is putting it mildly. Along with bath salts, McAfee had been posting frequently on several internet forums details of his drug induced escapades, which include various experiments with derivations of narcotic-like extractions from plants combined with chemically synthesized versions of methamphetamines and other psychotropic hallucinogens. Faull was found dead in his house shot in the head apparently by a 9mm pistol. McAfee is being implicated, but has been reported as denying any involvement and even has been avoiding authorities in hiding by burying himself in the sand on the beach and covering his head with a cardboard box. The truth is apparently stranger than fiction. The John McAfee bath salts murder mystery is succinctly summed up by the man himself when he posted a synopsis of the unfolding drama on an online message board:

“This is a tale of intrigue and deception, involving great risks and dangers. Or, perhaps, it is a tale of paranoia in which innocuous events are misinterpreted by an unstable mind. My mind.”

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